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Valium / Diazepam for Central Pain

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    Valium / Diazepam for Central Pain

    Could Valium (Diazepam) do anything to help my Central Pain of Klonopin (clonazepam) doesn't? I've taken up to 3mg of klonopin and didn't notice anything. Valium doesn't help me with anxiety, at least at doses I've tried, but curious if it could help with CP even it does nothing for my anxiety?

    I was given a script of it today. Im sorta afraid of it. I went to the Dr today and my legs were jumping all over, and walking was really terrible. she asked how often that happens, and I said every time I poo, if my pain patch needs changing, or when im tired. I tried it, and I can stand with my knee's not bent. it seems less hard to walk too. not so jerky or tiring.

    I don't see that it helps with pain, unless to say that I fell asleep for a little while when it kicked in.

    I might feel less muscle pain, but the rest is all there.


      I take a mix of valuim and methadone for pain. I have a mix of somatic and neuropathic pain. It works well for me and it took a lot of experimenting to get there.

      One thing to note is that mixing benzos and opiates is dangerous. You can't drink and you need to be healthy or you run the risk of depressing your respiration.


        Valium is commonly given for muscle spasms. I take it every 6 hours as needed for my legs
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          Ditto on the Valium (diazepam). I been taking it for over 20 years (2mg QID is my lowest effective dose) and it seems to help my muscle spasms. If I stop for more than 36 to 48 hours the spasms start getting worse.


            If you truly have CP vs some other horror I doubt it. It was marginally helpful with spasms, more so with IT baclofen, but for me/my pain I'd score it a ZERO. Spasms can bring their own pain and so there could be some relief from the spasm oriented pain, but I sincerely doubt it would have any effect at all on CP



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