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IT pump OK upped meds

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  • IT pump OK upped meds

    spent most of yesterday at the outclinic at Beth Israel yesterday. I was convinced my new IT pump was failing, vibrations from it, marked increase in pain, spasms, tone, neuro, the whole magilla.

    Medtronic rep (nice guy) conferenced in their tech team and actually listened to my input carefully, opened a case on it. Went into detail on the functional ascpects and feel it is working correctly.

    additionally they did a pretty comprehensive review of my overall status since last Oct and were totally unprepared and shocked at the increase in activity i do daily including exercise not much to me, but comparatively significant.

    did find out the hot tub steam and sauna were off the list, just before i joined a gym to utilize them.

    net significant increase in baclofen dosage and told to stay in closer touch with any hiccups or big pain increases or side effects

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    Are you getting baclofen from the pump? My good friend in Reno has had great success with his baclofen pump. Couldn't imagine life without it. Good idea.