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compounding creams any one know anything

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  • compounding creams any one know anything

    Hi, I'm looking for info on compounding cream, my surgeon put me on c-analges cmpd3, instead of taking painkillers. I was tired of pain meds(vic, perc, and tramadol) and worried about long term effects, after 8 years. BWC agreed to let me take this cream, and I just received it a week ago, and it's not that bad. But I know nothing about it and it's long term effects, I can look up the info on the individual medicine in it but all I find is info for taking them orally. Does anyone know anything about them or have been taking them to give me any ideas how they work or effect your body. I take them in my thoracic spine, t6-7 was operated on and is now degenerative, arthritic, bone spurs, etc.., but I won't let them cut me open again, did it once and I'm no better than before. Thanks for any input. And I can't seem to find much on the web on them in simple terms, just a bunch of medical studies with words and B.S. I don't understand