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mini seizures & pain

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    mini seizures & pain

    I have begun having "mini-seizures" when my neurological pain is bad. Has anyone else ever experienced this? I am currently not taking any meds. for neuro-pain.

    define mini seizure please afterwhich you may see responses or targeted responses

    fwiw, i can vomit, lose conciousness, become unable to talk, shake violently, go into major spasm/spastcity attacks, get tunnel vision, unconsciously scream til i blled from my throat.

    seizure, by definition is caused in the brain, anything in the nervous system, spinal cord does not fit that definition.

    so is it what you perceive to be seizure like? have you ever had one so you can suggest they are similar? most people who have seizures lose awarenes and can not describe what it is like, though many can describe the few moments before and after.

    not trying to be difficult but you gave precious little info with a technically incorrect and therefore confusing terminology.


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      Mini seizure was the term used by the ENT doctor when I described my problem. I am having 3 to 4 second jolts of sensation through out my whole body that almost feels like electrocution. During the episode the only thing i can do is grasp whatever is available and hang on.This is followed by a 5 to 10 minute period of dizziness and weakness. This is occuring several times a day. My neoro pain seems to increase at the onslaught of the episodes. I do have a appointment with a neurologist on the 14th.


        Have you had an EEG yet to diagnosed the "seizures"? Like said, they happen in the brain. If you do not have a seizure during the inital EEG you can do an extended one, I had to wear it for 5 days to catch the seizures I was having.

        You cannot be conscious during a seizure, but can have symptoms before (aura) or after. Electrocution is a typical descriptor of nerve pain. I used to get complex partial seizures, I would just suddenly blank during the seizure (common in most types of seizure, but there are also tonic clonic formerly called grand mal seizures where the individual drops to the floor and spasms) and then was left feeling very disoriented and drunk-ish for a certain period of time after the seizure.

        Do you drive? If you are having seizures, you can't be driving.
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          Originally posted by ~Lin View Post
          You cannot be conscious during a seizure, but can have symptoms before (aura) or after.
          A slight correction. Durring Simple Partial (or Focal) Seizures, you do remain conscious and interactive. However, these types of seizures are almost never diagnosed properly unless they are one of several types a person has.

          It wasn't my first or even fifth EEG that caught the seizure activity, but it has been caught three separate times during dozens of EEGs including a 24 hour and a five day. The third was deliberately induced using a known trigger.

          Please don't drive. It's not only yourself you are putting in danger, it's those around you too. I do understand the loss of independence, giving up driving was very hard for me.

          Seizures can be but usually aren't a form of conversion disorder that occurs during peak stress points. Some doctors use this as their automatic preliminary diagnoses. Don't settle for that answer, insist on the five day test. During the test, actively try to do those things that will set off your episodes. You want them to catch the problems.
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            I'm not sure if these are actual seizures, or actually just "lightening pains" that are running throughout your whole body. I haven't heard of that before, usually they're more localized.


              So now I have been prescribed Cymbalta which has helped with these episodes and also helps my neuro pain. I just had MRI of brain and MRA neck and brain. Waiting on reports. Still living it day to day.


                I take medication for grand mal seizures but I still have micro seizures. Micro seizures happen when I'm in the middle of a conversation and I'll totally blanked out, forgetting what I was talking about and it takes me a few minutes to get over it. Just recently I had a really small grand mal seizure. When I was getting my nails clipped. I was feeling really sleepy and my caregiver told me I zoned out and my hands and arms started shaking but I came out of it in 10 min. She didn't know the procedure for when I had those. In the past I've had to go to the emergency room after having grand mal seizures. Five months ago one of my caregivers had to give me CPR because I quit breathing and my pulse dropped to almost nothing. She was unaware there was a CPR tag on my bed to flatten it out and dragged me onto the floor to give me CPR. As far as I know, that's the first time I had to have CPR during or after a seizure. They just started in October 2009. They say it's because I've had several concussions over the years. So now I'm on quite a few seizure medicines the top off my central pain medications. It sucks but as long as I'm safe taking them. I can deal with it.
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                  Been there

                  I would have them when I had a bad UTI.


                    My neurologist believes my sudden increase in nerve pain triggered the seizures, therefore the Cymbalta. All my scans were negative. Brain normal for a 58 yr. old, whatever that means. Since I have reached the full dose of Cymbalta the seizures have stopped. 11 days since the last one. Neuropathic pain is better, but of course it is still there.