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  • Here’s the background

    During rehab my spasms took me up an over the hospital bed rails and then started valium. After a few years I would get extreme pain in my lower back. Nothing makes the pain go away but unconsciousness and eventually the pain will come back.

    The valium or baclofen never worked well controlling spasms but after taking the narcotics the extreme spasticity disappeared but did nothing to relieve the pain in my back.

    One time in the hospital they gave me the valium IV and I literally sank in the bed a few inches as my muscles relax.

    Bottom line is IV valium is the only thing that ‘breaks’ the firing of the muscles and relieves the pain. As a c6 I can feel them tugging at my lats. The narcotic stops the spasms and IBS but does nothing for the pain.

    The only way I can get IV valium is in the hospital, what do I do?

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    something that I found that helped me for a while was Xanax, even though the FDA has put a limit that a local GP can give. Have you talked to your for Dr. about that? IV narcotics can become VERY addictive! I found that out when I had Stage III-IV on the sacrum and I was taking dilatid(sp?), That led me to five years of taking opiates
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