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    penis pain

    I am 30 years C5 since 2004. Lately when I got any touch to my penis it cause a very strong un-acceptable pain. A very strong headeach it heppens while I use catheter or even condom. It happenes while a very gentle touch while washing it and whem cleaning to change the condom. The pain decrease in a few minutes once its free of touch.
    It also happeneds if the catheter blocked and I have to stay suffering the pain till I can change the catheter to take off pressure of the full bladder.
    Can anyone gives advices as am facing catheter blockage every few days am also changing it weekly and drinking a plenty of water daily. I only use catheter when I got sore in the penis because of continous using condom.
    I prefer using Foley catheter because its genetely touch but the celicon one always hurt me inside the bladder and found blood inside the urine bad. And some other times the blood spots blocked it
    HELP please

    I STRONGLY suggest you see a urologist to get to the bottom of what's going on. Something like this goes beyond asking for members of a forum to speculate what's going on.