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  • Thoracic back pain

    Hi, new here 1st time ever asking advice on a forum. History, I'm 38 yr old male, had T6-7 spinal surgery(discetomy) to remove herniation in 2006, past 6 years back pain in that area flares up 2-3x per year, get TP, ESI, or oral steroids to calm it down. July 2012, back flared up again, and has been getting worse as time has gone by, Oct pain Dr. finally took me off, put me back on workers comp, IME through them to see if it's allowed on claim, IME went in my favor, finally after the bureacratic mess of BWC got an Mri, I don't go back to Dr. for a few weeks but I was wondering if anyone knows what could be going on by my results and what options I'm looking at, whether I'm heading back to surgery which I want know part of or if therapy will help, I have already done ESI's in Nov,did them on my own, don't like waiting in pain for BWC, so here is what it said,

    Left posterior aspect of the spinal canal at T6-7 there is a left dorsal indentation, on the thecal sac by a probable soft tissue denstity as seen on T2 images. This measures 4mmx4mm. This is in the area in prior surgery by history although it is difficult to clearly identify definate bony defect.No definite cord compression noted. Lack of enhancment favors a benign process. If indicated bony changes at this level could be better defined by a CT scan.

    I have know idea what this means, I just know it's painful as can be, I feel like I never even had surgery, I've done nothing for 2 months now and it isn't getting better.