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Sceptical of making a change.

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  • Sceptical of making a change.

    My Doctor has decided not to increase my current med but has suggested that i try the Butran patch. All that I have read on hear about pain patches has me feeling kind of iffy about trying this new med. I have to much shit going on with my mind and body as it is, I do not want to get addicted to a morphine patch. Has anyone tryed this Butran Patch? Please let me know what the side affects are. I was told by the phamacist that it is a good drug but I have know for far to long that all good drugs come at a high price. It will be more exspensive than my old meds and surely more addictive. Any input is welcome.

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    Yes, it is the same patch I have been using. We call them Norspan, it is Bufrenorfin, I did not have any side effect at all except a little dry mouth and some difficulties with a hard stomach. 5 micrograms was enough for me and I did use them for three and a half year.

    And I did not have any trouble stopping, I don't take them anymore because it is not legal to drive with them here. I just let the patch on for three weeks instead of changing after one and then I took it off and everything was ok.
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      The patches are good from constant medication in the system but I so completely understand your concern about changing medication. I don't think Drs really understand the emotional impact of a change of med, they just write out a new RX, I hate the anxiety of trying a new med, will it work? How long does it take to work? what happens if it doesn't work? how hard will it be to make another change if it doesn’t work? or the side effects are not tolerable?.........rollercoaster for me, a simply writing a new prescription for the Dr! I am glad that for now I have a cocktail that makes the pain tolerable.

      I have been advised that I could change to something that might give me better pain management; but after being ill on changes like introducing Topamax and Duloxetine which takes months to titrate up and then down from the therapeutic dosage I am staying where I am as I have lots going on in my life and the last thing I want is a medication change.

      Hope this makes sense to someone!