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No GP will see me

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    No GP will see me

    B/cuz I have pain. I also have Graves disease and need zoloft, but these yokels (i'm just gonna say it, these motherfuckin' hick dr's in this motherfuckin' hick town) are decining me.


    Do I drive to Oklahoma to see a doctor?

    Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?

    Betheny, I don't blame you one little bit for saying it! I've run into the same BS in the big city. Physicians are scared to Rx with all the regulations. They're playing ping pong between the gov and ins. It's sucks for us and makes it near impossible to change doctors. But, Zoloft.... phish, it not even regulated, right?

    Something really needs to be done about the new and NOT improved USA!

    Have the PC's set up shop in your area yet?

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      I had a lot of trouble finding a Gp when I moved south. I finally decided to ask each place who had rejected me, for a letter stating their reasons for not wanting me as a patient. No one would give me a letter, but two places then called and asked to see my medical files, and I was then invited me to be a patient. I chose a first year resident, and when she left, the Dr who owns the practice took over my care.

      I think it was in my favor that my Gp had been seeing me 15 years before I moved. He took the time to speak to the new Dr over the phone, and he apparently verified I was a chronic sci who needed pain control, and that I had never had any incidence misusing medication as long as I had been a patient. Its too bad you were not here, because I recently asked on Dark eyed daisy's behalf, if they would accept another sci patient with similar issues who moved to the area and needed a good Dr. She said they were accepting new patients.
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        Really? These little jabs are getting old!!!!
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          How can one be declined? I'd ask for a letter as well.
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            Physicians have the right to accept or decline taking on new patients. Many do so to limit their liability, decrease work load, or because they don't want to have to deal with certain conditions (chronic pain, for example) or insurance companies.

            All you can do is try shopping around. Options include:
            • Ask friend/neighbors for a referral to a physician they like.
            • Call the local hospital and see if they have a physician referral service.
            • Stop by the local hospital at change of shift (in the parking lot) and ask RNs leaving the hospital who they would take a family member to, or who they see themselves.
            Also, you would be much more likely to get good care, from a better prepared physician, by seeking out an internal medicine specialist (internist) than a GP (general practitioner) to be your primary care provider (PCP).

            Zoloft is a prescription drug that does require a prescription. Thus it is regulated, but it is not a Controlled Substance (like opioids or most sedatives).

            The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


              I've been declined by so many drs. They say my case is too complicated and no one at the practice is qualified to treat me. What's worked for me is going to a university hospital. All of my drs now are in the indiana university health system. Good luck and I hope you can find someone!
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                Sorry for your troubles Betheny. Though living south of the border has its drawbacks, access to quick, inexpensive (in relative terms) and personalized (even house calls) health care is a great benefit. I hope you get what you need soon.
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                  That can be a problem with our situation (SCI) they don't want to deal with it and just want to line up fairly healthy patients one after another so their day's are more simple and stress free. Just human nature I guess. Your best off finding a SCI specialist doc if you can. Good luck, it is never easy getting new docs, especially these days.
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                    how is that a jab?
                    I was upset you stood me up and didnt even bother to call and say a thing. I am starting to understand the vague Pm's I have been getting.

                    DD you have the wrong idea what ever it is. I was really looking forward to meeting you, how stoopid of me, but I got over it pretty quick. this thread is only about finding a Dr who accepts an sci patient. you are the only person with sci I have asked my Dr to accept, and I only relayed her answer to my asking if they would accept another person with sci. Im sorry if it upset you that I Identified you personally, but I thought it would be ok since we all have moved and have had trouble finding a Gp who accepts a person with sci.

                    I told you over the phone how I found a Dr when you said you were looking for a GP, and I said I would ask them if they would accept another sci patient who was new to the area. I did, honest. now please put me on ignore since obviously everything I write now you will probably take as some kind of dig.


                      In a stunning reversal of roles, some of the doctors where I live are actually having prospective patients fill out applications, and if the application looks okay, a formal interview will follow! It's become a very threatening and adversarial system. I understand how this came about, since health care in the US is structured on the business model, but the upshot is that patients with the greatest need for care are the least likely to be welcomed into a medical practice. What a state of affairs.
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                        Hello there dear friend...haven't posted in ages, lurk alot but just staying in my hole...been dealing with ptsd and trying to move forward...anyways...maybe this is the universe telling you to pack your house up and get the hell out of dodge...tiime for your life long dream of New Mexico! or was it Arizona?'s time...think of you often and hope your heart has healed some and you are seeing a little light at the end of that dark tunnel that swallowed you...

                        When we needed to find a new doctor a few years back it was all about who you knew...Joel had gone to a birthday party with the family to my daughter in laws aunt's house...she was a principle at a private whose fathers were doctors...the doctor (who happened to be a spinal cord doc) gave joel his card saying to call if he needed anything...duh...hell yeah we needed a doc...I called and called...they kept saying doctor was not taking on anyone, I called the aunt who was friends with the wife...wife called hubby the called within 5 minutes...we are blessed today with a wonderful doctor who loves my son... practice was cut in half a couple years ago and we feel so blessed Joel was kept on...


                          sorry bethany, I had no idea I was causing trouble in your thread with my post. Im taking a break from carecure. I have no real friends accept here. I really didnt know what I wrote would offend anyone or muss up your thread.

                          I hope you find a Dr soon. I think they really can't reject you without a reason, and asking for a letter put every place I applied for care, on the spot. I did not ask right away, but went back a week later. not one out of the 15 I applied at would agree to write a letter as to why I was not acceptable as a new patient when they said on the phone they were accepting new patients. I would agree that a place should not be able to reject you with no reason at all, likely if you ask for it in writing why they don't want to extend you care when they accept your insurance, and are accepting new patients, they will look again at your application for care, and maybe even send for your files to review as they did for me.


                            You were supposed to call me because YOU never know how you are going to feel. Remember that conversation because that is what you said?

                            Vague PM's...wwweeellllll let me guess LMAO!!!!

                            Nobody asked you to check for a doctor.

                            I was looking forward to meeting you too until I found some things out myself. I heeded their advice.

                            You could have written a post without taking a jab at me. You have done it in other threads too and I let it go.

                            Its easy being a moderator and you can go back and delete the other two posts before the one you left. Isn't it??? Why did it take three posts?
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                            My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown


                              It is so terrible that many of us have such a hard time finding decent doctors.

                              I agree that it is generally best for us to go to the large, teaching hospitals. They are more likely to have specialists or at least one person familiar with SCI, more likely to have seen more complicated cases, and more likely to accept Medicare/Medicaid without batting an eye. They are also more likely to have rehab hospitals/centers associated with them, so sometimes they have closer relationships with PT/physiatry.

                              When my mom was thinking of retiring to a smaller, beautiful city years ago (eg. small town Colorado or Vermont), my main concern was access to medical care. Always being in driving distance to a major medical center, which are usually in larger cities, is a necessity.

                              Jody, your idea of asking the doctor's offices for a letter of explanation was excellent. I am going to remember that one.