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    Originally posted by rfbdorf View Post
    A thought - Are you calling and saying something like "Hi, I'd like to make an appt with Dr. X because I need a prescription for XXX"? Dr. X will drop that like a hot potato, as that sounds like a drug seeker, or at least, like someone who already knows what they need (which last is the case, of course). Dr. X may need a little ego stroking first. Many docs need to feel that they are the deciders - they are the all-knowing, you are the lamb that needs to be led and tended. You could make an appt because you have Grave's & pain. During the appt, mention that XXX worked well for you in the past.
    No, never mentioned pain. They both (the local docs) requested I fax the records from my ast doc to them. He prescribed like 60 hydrocodone 7.5 and 60 xanax per month for me. Not exactly drug seeking levels imo.
    Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


      OK, it was just a thought.
      Wish I had some better ideas for you.


        Originally posted by betheny View Post
        No, never mentioned pain. They both (the local docs) requested I fax the records from my ast doc to them. He prescribed like 60 hydrocodone 7.5 and 60 xanax per month for me. Not exactly drug seeking levels imo.

        Could your prior doc refer you to a specific new doc? Sorry... maybe not practical but sometimes docs know other docs in other cities, can call their friends to get referrals etc.. .and then he is vouching for you? Even ask your prior surgeons, other docs etc... if they know anyone. You never know...

        Is there a local psychiatrist you could see, even if just until you could find a primary care doc? At least they could help with the Xanax, and maybe see if there is something better you could take that would be longer lasting.


          bethany try finding a Dr. using this site you can look by city, state town,zip code, area code, bus route, nearest airport, you get the idea it's very flexible it is thus far the best i have found,if i find better i will post it.


            OMG 60 Xanax you could get loaded for all of 4-6hrs WOW just what every pill head wants i mean geez he can zone out to half of the first season of Gilligan's Island or Fantasy Island at least with Fantasy Island Herve Villechez breathed almost the same air we do. And Betheny i apologize for hacking your name up in the post just above. and your ass looks all right but i'm getting a chair gut i don't do alcohol or street drugs just coffee and the ones prescribed and i do not eat regularly so why am i getting fat.


              Betheny Hi

              About 5 years back a local clinic Big Wig Nurse she took care of literally everyone in town all types
              She refused to help me when I needed help then 2 day's later her Boss Dr who owns 3 med practices sent me a really rude letter stating that I was not welcome @ any of his 3 clinics

              Heck I never knew He had that many

              After I got that letter I drove to his main Clinic I needed medical help
              His nurses in his main office were very rude when I went for immediate medical care

              I finally had to dig out my bold trusty computer and look up on that old harddrive my Ex Dr because I knew he had moved

              Took me a little bit but I found him and We re connected
              He was happy to see me and I am happy with him ,

              All we had to do was the whole New Address thing He moved , I moved etc...

              Pain wise They are cracking down super hard on Good Dr's because numbskull Drug Abusing / Selling Patients made a tidal wave into a Tusamni Making our Necessary Medical Care rougher ... Why do these cruel people have to abuse drugs ? or Sell them ?

              Here is the kicker the other Mean Dr with 3 clinics who wrote me the nasty refusal letter is not we'll liked so Karma has a way of biting back
              He is a greedy judgmental hypocrite Putting it lightly who does not like to treat patients in wheelchairs or anything that makes him have to use his Brain to make $$$ ,,,, Refusing a patient is pathetic medical ettiquete imop . His loss

              Betheny I hope thing's work out for you and you can always pm me anytime
              Sincerely ;


                My last dr. was "asked to leave" b/c he kept his practice small. He's an old friend, his best friend dated my mom when I was 14 if you can imagine! I've known him since he was wet behind the ears and I was amost embryonic LOL. He treated Mom, got rid of her MRSA. I suspect these other dr's are pissed b/c I insisted Mom ditch them and go w/ Ellis.

                OMG. These other guys acted like MRSA was leprosy.

                Sure missing Ellis. Maybe my denial isn't personal but it feels that way. What douchebags. What happened to "First, do no harm."?
                Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


                  I feel for you, betheny.

                  When I first moved down here, I made appointments with several general practitioners, mostly internal medicine and family practice docs. The appointment was nothing more than a meet & greet -- a chance to introduce ourselves and talk. I came with a letter of introduction/recommendation from My prior GP and my files. I made it clear that I just needed someone to write orders/scripts for the occasional UTI and/or lung infection, and to monitor my thyroid levels.

                  Not only did the first three reject me, two of them added insult to injury and charged me close to $100 each for an "extended office visit". The consensus as to why they didn't want to accept me as a patient was that they "moved down here to relax, and you are too complicated and way more work than I want to deal with."

                  At this point, betheny, you might be better off finding a pain specialist first, then look for a GP. That should alleviate their concerns about the hydrocodone and xanax.

                  Asking doctors who refuse to accept you as a patient for a letter citing their reasons could end up biting you in the ass. If you do this, you're no longer just a medically-complex patient, you're now a potentially litigious, medically-complex patient. And that's the kiss of death.
                  It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

                  ~Julius Caesar