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Red Heads and Pain

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    Originally posted by fulltree View Post
    i'm familiar with EDS you don't have a pleasure cruise through life either,how do you cope with your disease and the repercussions from it on your life??
    Denial? Seriously though, I don't think I cope very well. Denial worked great for me for the longest time, but as I become more limited its hard to hold on to that. Sometimes I just break down, and most of the time I try not to think about it and pretend its not there. Some of that denial years ago led to me pushing my body too hard and resulting in more damage today than I would have had otherwise. So I try to avoid that these days. I don't think I've ever come to terms with being disabled. I mostly pretend its not there and I don't talk about it to people in real life. I've tried talking to therapists trying to learn healthier coping mechanisms but they never understand and so are unable to help. I'm only 27, maybe I'll figure it out by 50 lol.
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      Ah Lin i'm 43 now and its progressive changing never the same day today the only way to really develop coping skills is to get ahead of the disease and accept whatever comes,which i have never known anyone to be able to do !!


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        My first wife was a redhead and man could she dish out pain. LOL


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