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Stimulator explant (SCS removal)

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    Stimulator explant (SCS removal)

    My Boston Scientific SCS was implanted in 2008. It was of no use to me.

    Have you heard of the advisability and risks associated with removal of the lines, in particular (but the battery box, too, if you know about its removal risk).

    At implant time, I was told that the battery box (sorry, forgot the real name) could be removed, but to remove the lines along the cord should not ever be removed b/c the line paddles would (or could?) do damage to the cord area, due to the paddles coming out backwards.

    I want both parts out now in order to have MRIs and subsequent treatment options, especially Calmare (discovered from www.neuropathy.orgon Facebook).

    The neurosurgeon who implanted it says that there is a very low risk of line-removal causing further damage, and almost none related to removing the battery box. When I replied that his statement about the lines-part was the direct opposite of what I was told 4 years ago, he said he didn't know why I was told that.

    I'm at a loss for what to do. I can't move forward without MRIs, but the SC surgery that caused the damage (T5 incomplete with extreme neuro pain) was supposed to produce additional leg weakness for up to 3 months--at the worst.

    Thank you, Linda in Reston, VA

    I've tried to get mine out and the neurosurgeon said it was very high risk for tearing the dura due to scar tissue etc., risking paralysis etc. I got several supporting opinions and am in a position now where I really need one and they haven't decided what to do. The surgeon said no to the removal and it more in clined to do an exploratory and the neurologist agrees. I've never heard of a spinal exploratory. Meantime I've had a battery of rest trying to sort my issues, and the stim affects the spinal fluid in a way that a spinal tap and fluid analysis is near useless for some diagnostics. worst decision I ever made as an SCI.

    Just removing the device will not allow you to get an MRI as you noted. the MRI will cause the wires to get extremely hot and can also induce a voltage either of which are catastrophic.

    good luck


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      Lines Out

      If the implant was fresh the Doc's can remove them. I also wanted option for MRI. My leads were less than a year old and Dr Treves pulled them out. The same may not be the same for you.
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        I had mine removed in 1987, after a year and three position revisions.

        Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.