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  • Lyrica Experience

    Hi Everyone
    Lately I have been dealing with very weird pain that intensifies
    My Dr put me on Lyrica some time ago but upped my daily dose

    Well the other day I took my Upped Ramped Lyrica to 200 or 300 mg

    All of the sudden I got more talkative and full of energy and felt weird
    As time went on all of the sudden I needed to lay down and rest so I slept it off

    Then I wrote this enigmatic experience in my diary to keep track of my daily averages ...

    I do not know why as the Lyrica wore off I Definitely felt the bottom drop out to where I went in Sleep mode ...

    This is what I can really add to the lesser of 2 evils .

    anyhow it is good to share these experiences & we swap our ideas so forth to each other

    You all are the best
    shoot me ideas or your experiences
    Thank you all happy Fathers Day etc...
    Sincerely ;
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    Listen to your body.GL that may be a tad too much. Good luck.


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      Not sure what to tell you to do, my doctor switched my off Lyrica to Cymbalta due to side effects of Lyrica.....
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        Lyrica is unpredictable and dangerous The network ads warn you. It can increase pain and overall sensitivity. It can cause severe, suicidal depression. It took us a year to get off it and to recover.We lost a lot of the progress we had made. If you want to hear more PM me.


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          They just put me back on Lyrica after my knee replacement 7 weeks ago. My PN is getting worse, more burn now to my calves and some in my knees. I was hoping to get relief, I am thinking then why take it, I uderstand the medicine is suppose to go from brain signal to nerve sensor. I am better off with perc and xanax at least the pain goes away.
          Maybe I should ask about Cymbalta? What is the difference can anyone tell me?
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            If you are going to get off lyrica, you have to do it slowly.


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              I'm now on 450mg/day, 3x 150mg. No side effects so far for me, people's reactions do seem to vary.though.
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                Everyone is different. Lyrica 150 3X keeps my husband's neuro pain bearable most of the time.
                GL, some people can get a medication induced hypo mania on certain meds.
                I tried Cymbalta for my fibromyalgia and DDD but did not get much relief so am tapering off. The co-pay was high too.
                It is smart to do any of this gradually.


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                  I take 200 mg three times a day or the max dose. It helps dull the CP. I don't notice any side effects other than some weight struggles and sleepiness if I drink alcohol ( the most I can drink is two). I used to think the drug made it hard for me to concentrate, but now I am not sure. Can't take the pain so it doesn't matter. I don't notice any affects on mood, etc.
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                    I am maxed out on Gabbapentin at 3600 mg/day (1200 mg 4X) and when my chronic CNS pain increased, my Dr added Lyrica at 150 mg 2X per day. She had me ramp up to this dosage of Lyrica.

                    I tolerate this all pretty well, but it definitely makes me sleepy. I need at least 10 hours sleep a day to function. If I get too stressed or do too much, I need additional sleep...more like 12 or 13 hours. But - during the hours that I am awake, this allows me to function reasonably well.

                    It's really important to try and keep the levels of meds as consistent as possible in your body because it makes a difference in how effective they are and in controlling side effects. I take one 10 mg Amitriptyline at bedtime, to help me get to sleep. I set an alarm at 3 am to take my Gabba dosage and then go right back to sleep.

                    All this helps to mitigate my chronic CNS pain. It's not eliminated, but at least I can get through the day!


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                      I think the Lyrica affects my husband's concentration and short term memory, but there could be other reasons too.
                      Either way for him the benefit outweighs the downside.


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                        I got painic when the lyrica crash got worse over time, so got off of it. neurontin caused this crazy depression that was just terrible. There is something about the lyrica over time that makes it cut out sooner and sooner. I did get weird on that too, but in a different way. I was really sensitive to unpleasant stimuli, had panic, and could barely make myself go outside. that stopped after stopping the lyrica. It did help with the burn pain. nothing else does.


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                          I have made the conversion from Lyrica to Neurontin. I was taking 300 mg of Lyrica and now found that the equivalent effective dose is 3000 mg of neurontion. Wooohoo, 100 dollars saved per month. That pays for daily Starbucks grande NFLs.
                          Not sure if it is as effective as Lyrica, don't think it is but I am going to try it for a few months.
                          Lyrica was great. I would just like to know that Neurontin will sort of work in case, the 15 person medical utilization panel of Obamacare decides that Lyrica is not offered any more as a way to shave savings out of Medicare.
                          I would really try to stay healthy for the next few decades - hard to do in this group of beat up people. As a doctor with SCI I know what kind of care will become the norm. Don't expect the 'best and the brightest" to go into this field anymore. The noble profession is, I am afraid , a thing of the past....


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                            Was put on lyrica a month or so ago. Noticed vision problems right away. Went to a different doctor that told me to get off it right away and that what was done to my vision couldn't be reversed. The good news is the tramadol she also prescibed at the time seems to work on the shocks, which was why I was put on the lyrica. Weeeee


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                              Sorry you had to give up your Lyrica Arndog. I tried it years ago and was having decent results on the low dose and they were ready to start giving me more, but when I went from samples to buying it on my own....I had to stop taking it and go back to Gabapentin. It also caused some edema in my lower limbs and blurry vision.

                              Even though I can't take it, kudos to Pfizer for getting it approved as the first medication for neuropathy! I'm hoping it leads to more public awareness and more research for us!