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Long Acting Pain Meds; Lesser of the Evils

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    Originally posted by avictoria View Post

    OMG I am glad you're ok. What a terrifying ordeal. The MD that's rx'ing for your pain sounds kinda goofy. Why in the heck doesn't he just rx you plain oxycodone, no dye, no acetominophen at the equivalent dose to the hydrocodone you're taking??
    I think certain hydrocodone/NSAID formulations are listed as schedule III by the DEA but methadone is scheduled II along with oxycodone, fentanyl etc so if your doc is trying to stay with schedule III medications it doesn't make sense that he'd rx methadone.

    You're taking a pretty low amount of hydrocodone...jeeze they use methadone to treat addicts that are tolerant to incredibly high levels of opiates. Commonsense tells one that methadone is very potent.

    There is/was a theory in pain management that long-acting opiates are less prone to abuse. Well the whole 'hillbilly heroin' Oxycontin debacle should have refuted that theory.
    When I was first rx'd Oxycontin after my shoulder was injured in a car accident the PM nurse told me to chew the tablets so they'd work faster. Thankfully I read the prescribing info before taking it.
    The excellent MD I now have simply rx's a low dose of plain old 5mg oxycodone tablets. Yes they're short acting but they work great for fluctuating pain levels and they don't build up in your systen after the pain relief wears off (methadone is notorious for that). Also, when I have a 'good spell' where the pain is low I simply taper down and off. I hate the fuzzy head and depression.
    Your experience was awful! I am so glad I found all that info on methadone and sent it to you and posted it. It scared me to death.
    very best! keep nagging your doctor!
    Aictoia, honestly, I'm a little concerned about my Neuro. His behavior the last few visits have been odd. I think it's trying his best to get through the red tape until he retires.

    I didn't mention trying Oxycodone today. Too chicken until I regain the lost weight. 101 this morning - at 5 foot 10 inches, ugg! I'm hoping the Hydro will come out without the acetaminophen soon. We have this in common; don't need it don't take it. I'm so freaking blessed that my pain and body allows that, still!!!

    The PC I was going to was worse than my Neuro. They told me, a bac and morphine pump or no oral meds, per regulations. LOL Although they changed their tune when I had my NS's office contact them, I didn't go back. The way it works here, you cannot make an appointment to consult/interview the PM Dr. They request your records and decide if they will treat you. You also can not be seen by a new PC if you have been turned down by, or are currently in a PC. My husband dropped in, unannounced on every PC in my area, including the corp hospitals that have jumped the gravy train, and found all of them cheesy and lacking professionalism. None would give him general information! It's a no win for the patient, and a run on gov money for the PC's with notta complaining about it. Twilight zonish, if you ask me!

    I just can't wrap my mind around what PM has become. More than ever WE have to keep our eyes open and stay proactive about our health. Thank you again for helping me do that, Avicangel! AND, thank you for posting the information for everyone to read. You're the deal!!!

    Incomplete, SCI, T1-T8, w/ Arachnoid Cyst. Bilateral shoulder surgeries, 2 on the left, 3 on the right, right forearm surgery for a crushed radial nerve.

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