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    change in symptoms

    Ok very strange and confusing and scary??? I had my mri and x-rays looked at today and they are all good according to my neuro (thats a good thing) no syrinx no nerve compression. So why are my symptoms changing so rapidly? I have an emg? on Tues. maybe that will clear something up.

    Wake up very sore and stiff cant walk very well. Take 200mg Lyrica - 20mg Baclofen Oxycontin 40...about 1 hour I can get off the couch and start walking shower and off to work.

    3pm I feel like I just got done doing a triathlon. Shoulder pain is not to bad. I take same meds except instead of Oxycontin I take 1 1/2 of percocet 10
    This takes care of me until I get home at 5 or 6

    Evening I take same meds at 9 that I took at 3pm.

    I am a 43yr old c3/4 incomplete (obviously) I walking unassisted. Wounded 1.3 years

    Symptoms I have everyday every second:

    1. Extreme morning pain relieved after meds, coffee and some time.

    2. Confined to flip flops. If I put on socks or shoes on it feels like someone poured gas on them and lit em on fire. Does anyone have this?

    3. left thumb and ankles have bone pain. weak hands but can type and write my name with a pen. I can lift my 9 year old daughter.

    Now almost overnight my symptoms changed to:

    1. Morning pain is not nearly as bad.

    2.left side arm and leg weak.

    3.thumb and index finger numb both hands. I had to grow my nails to type cause it hurts to press the keys. they also twitch arm, wrist, & fingers (this one really scares me)

    4. feet burn is there more

    5. Bicept pain and hands are more stiff and clumsy! (scary once again)

    What can possibly be going on with a positive mri?? This all happened overnight!! Has this happened to anyone else before. The neuro probably thinks Im nuts. Oh I while sitting I find myself leaning forward alot.

    Thanks for you time to read this.
    Billy G.