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Dilmapimod - New drug treatment for chronic nerve pain

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    Dilmapimod - New drug treatment for chronic nerve pain

    Hi has anyone in USA heard about this new drug being developed at Imperial College Medical Faculty?


    New drug treatment for chronic nerve pain shows promise in first trial
    A new drug has been shown to reduce chronic pain caused by nerve injury in a trial conducted by clinician scientists from Imperial College London and GlaxoSmithKline

    A new drug has been shown to reduce chronic pain caused by nerve injury in a trial conducted by clinician scientists from Imperial College London and GlaxoSmithKline, published in the European Journal of Pain on 14 May.

    Chronic neuropathic pain is thought to affect around three in 100 people in the UK. It can result from injury or compression of a nerve e.g. sciatica, or from diseases that affect nerves such as diabetes and (shingles). Various treatments are currently used but they are only partially effective and only help a minority of patients. They also have a number of common side effects, which restricts their use.

    Dilmapimod is a novel class of cytokine-suppressive anti-inflammatory drug (CSAID). In a randomised double-blind trial of 50 patients with chronic neuropathic pain, researchers compared the effects on pain relief of dilmapimod with a placebo. Each patient received either dilmapimod or a placebo for two weeks, then received the other treatment in a second period of two weeks. The patients rated the pain that they felt each day on an 11-point scale.

    The results showed a significant reduction in the patients’ pain scores in the second week of treatment with dilmapimod compared with the placebo. Furthermore, the study found no side effects associated with the new drug.

    Professor Praveen Anand, Principal Investigator from the Centre for Neuroscience at Imperial College London, said: “There is an urgent need for effective treatments for chronic neuropathic pain which are not being met by drugs available now. We have shown that dilmapimod significantly reduced chronic pain following nerve injury and was well tolerated. This is the first demonstration that this novel CSAID class of drugs has the potential to be developed as a treatment for clinical neuropathic pain.

    “This finding offers new hope for chronic nerve pain sufferers. The study is also a great example of successful collaboration between academia and industry in translating new mechanisms and drug targets into advanced medicines.”

    The team are now conducting larger trials to test the new drug further.

    Journal reference: P. Anand et al. Clinical trial of the p38 MAP kinase inhibitor dilmapimod in neuropathic pain following nerve injury. Published online 24 May 2011.

    Thanks for the heads up on this blocker of p38 MAP kinase. Protein Kinase C regulates p38 MAP ikinase and Dr. Young has already posted an interesting piece on PKC here.


      Hi Dejerine, where might I find the post by Dr Young?


        Hmmm... When might that drug come to the U.S.? I want to try something for my chronic pain.
        C4/5 incomplete, 17 years since injury

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          kyle - it is in the early phases of drug trials. This is a long drawn out process. Please don't hold your breathe waiting for it . It could be 5 years easily. Also, with less money going into pipeline research with the economy, Big Pharma has reduced its spending in research.

          Rather than expect this new drug to arrive, brace yourself for greater difficulties getting the meds that are currently available. Greater difficulty seeing specialists (see TM girl's note on British Medical system) and government decrees that , for example , Lyrica is found to be no more helpful statistically than Neurontin and will not be offered. This occurred in Germany (at least I read it here on CC).

          There may be tough times ahead.


            That sounds like it's targeted at peripheral nerve pain.

            Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


              Arndog unfortunately I think you are right about things getting worse, in the UK there is a dismantling of our health system by the government’s Health and Social Care Bill and also taking away disability allowance, not on the basis of need, but a budget cut already set at a reduction of about 30% for people with disabilities! So it seems suddenly lot of people will become un-disabled! Time to stick together in solidarity.