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Mayo Clinic,Rochester, Pain Rehab Ctr

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    Mayo Clinic,Rochester, Pain Rehab Ctr

    My son is experiencing stomach pain of unknown origin. Has had lots of tests. He did attend the 2 day pain clinic at Rochester, but now they are wanting him to attend the 3 week. The last phone call from them was to the point of harrassment. He is on disability, has no money for lodging, food during that time. But most of all was the manner in which he's being treated. Does anyone out there have an experience with the rehab center? How does a person file a complaint about a doctor at Mayo. I mean, this was really terrible.

    Even their stats don't look that promising on treatment. I wonder if it's a "political" thing to get you in and make them money.
    Thanks for any feedback.

    Can I ask for more details? I have considered going there to get evaluated.


      I have been treated at The Mayo Clinic in both Rochester and Jacksonville since my SCI in 2004.

      There was a time when they had it all their way. They were able to pick and chose their patients and God forbid you didn't have the right insurance.

      When they built a new state of the art hospital in Jacksonville it had very few parking spaces at the ER. The going joke was "why are there so few parking spaces at the ER? Because nobody can go there".

      Things have changed and they now "battle for the buck" anywhere they can get it. It's sad but it is a sign of the times. Those they once shund they now want.

      That being said my experience at Mayo has been positive, do they have the very best doctors ? There are fine doctors at most major medical centers, Mayo does not have a corner on that market. Some things are cutting edge re transplants others they are about the same as the rest. I chose to have my last decompression done at Robert Wood Johnson because I thought they had the best guy for the job and he was. All went perfect.

      I need gut surgery and that will be done at Mayo.

      One thing they always did better than the rest was customer service. The Florida campus is like a resort. If you have a 8:05 Appt it means 8:05. When they hand you a clipboard of papers to fill out you don't bring it back to them they came get it from you.

      You should complain at the highest level there is no reason for any doctor to act in this manner. Here is a link I would start at the top.

      Please keep us informed of what happens.

      Be Big,
      L4/L5 CES

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        They were soooooo difficult to deal with and were annoyed I wanted a physical workup on my SCI that I opted out. when I approached the spinal/ortho team they looed a my films/history and declined me as a patient.

        not very high up on my list of places I'd like to go


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          Pain Rehab at Mayo

          Thanks for the posts everyone. My son's doctor is Dr. Halena Gazelka. Looking her up, I see she only has one year under her belt. So I'm sure she's trying to build her practice or whatever. She believes in NO pain medication for anything...strictly biofeedback, therapy and whatever else they promote. Sometimes a person just needs a little "help". I am going to follow through with a letter voicing my displeasure.


            This is coming kind of late, but maybe you would still like feedback? I had a somewhat similar experience to the OP. Mayo really pushed me to go to the three week clinic, and insurance wouldn't cover it. I would have had to come out from Maine after already attending their 2 day program, and having been at the hospital for a week.

            I didn't have a positive experience there. They dx'ed me with fibromyalgia right away, and the doc who diagnosed me was a specialist in fibro. I think she had fibro on the brain. No one who has seen me since, and there have been many, has said it is fibro. I remain undiagnosed, but I have never had pain above the waist, and the pain doesn't migrate or act like fibro. I think their physician was just looking for a very simple solution.

            At the 2 day clinic for people with fibro, myself, and three other patients were treated very poorly by a nurse who had never experienced pain (I asked). Their leading recommendation was, pretend you don't have pain--no joke! I know about CBT, but this was something else altogether. It was suggested that there be no talk of pain or suffering, at all to family or friends. Also, we should stop grimacing if we move, and it is uncomfortable. My mom who was with me, was livid. She asked the nurse, if you stub your toe or bang your hand with a hammer, have you trained yourself to smile? Myself and the other patients talked amongst ourselves and agreed that it was a very dehumanizing experience.

            After that negative experience at the 2 day workshop on fibro, I have to say that I wasn't looking forward to spending three weeks in Mayo's pain program. Fortunately, I didn't have to, because insurance made the decision for me. If another person in pain asked me for my opinion of the program, I would share my experience and let them know that I don't hold Mayo in high esteem. I have looked for concrete evidence that people benefit from their three week program, but the Mayo website does not list any studies or links to articles. The only "evidence" they provide, is anecdotal responses from questionnaires that some patients have filled out after the three week clinic. I do not find that convincing. Insurance told me that the program would cost $28,000, and this is a day program. I just don't see any evidence that is compelling to support what they are doing. I absolutely believe that some people in pain do the program and benefit, but until I can see some studies on paper from scholarly journals, it won't be good enough for me.

            Shags, you are right to support your son, and be skeptical of Mayo's approach. I hope you find a program with a more patient-friendly modality! Feel free to PM anytime. I have been to a lot of other hospitals and clinics for pain management, although none remotely near Mayo.
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              My BAD experience with MAYO

              Thought I would tell you that my advice would be to avoid Mayo at all cost. Their ego's are a roadblock to receive any help. I went there for a undiagnosed illness and while doing test they decided to put an interstim in me to help with my interstitial cystitis problems. This was Jacksonville in 07 and they do not believe in pain meds. They did not put me in a twilight sleep I was wide awake screaming thru the entire procedure. They were barbaric. I had other problems and when I returned home was admitted back to the hospital and put on narcotics by the pain team. When I went back to mayo for the follow up Dr Petit was given my new med list I brought and when he saw the pain med he got up and said I can no longer treat you you are on narcotics and walked out. Did not check the interstim or anything. Then I saw GI and the same thing happened. I had been on pain meds 8 days and they tried to have my husband send me to MN for their drug rehab. We came back home and found out my pain was caused by poor blood supply to the intestines and I had to have a total colectomy, I also had gastroparesis. All caused by a viral syndrome that shut down my gallbladder, intestines,stomach and caused great pain. They treated us horrible. Less than human. All because my doctors at home treated my pain and found my problems. No empathy, no kindness, and only we are mayo we are the best. Well they missed a huge diagnosis with me because they were so concerned with the fact I was wearing a 25mcg/hr fentanyl patch.


                Mayo and gazelka

                I cant stand Dr Gazelka. Obsessed with sticking you in an expensive pain "rehab" center with no regard for how insanely expensive it is. I had an appointment with her and a guy walked up in a suit and tried to "convert" me to agreeing to go to this place, and it has NOTHING to do with my issues. He hijacked my appointment! Then with 2 minutes to go she comes in the room all smug and asked if I had any questions.
                They only give pain meds IF you have cancer. DID I UNKNOWINGLY COME TO A CANCER CENTER? Or am I trying to get help as an able bodied adult, trying to maintain some mobility? I'm glad they only help with your pain if your terminally ill, but what the fuck, how about helping everyone else. I find her to be a coward and on autopilot as a doctor.