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Anybody have a nerve block done??

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  • Anybody have a nerve block done??

    I have a pain just below my left ribcage, in fact I've had it for years, it just seems to be getting worse. I've had all test possible to detect the problem. I'm going in for an MRI of my mid to lower spine Tues. I'm post 30 years, a c6 that is 6'7" tall and he thinks there might be a little issue with my back. Has anyone ever had anything like this.

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    Hi John, I feel your pain no pun intended since for the last year or so I've gone from numerous visits to the ER to seeing Dr. After Dr. Running various tests to figure out what's causing my pain roughly in the same region as yours. Mine spreads from my lower left back down through my hip and around to my stomach. I've had CT scans, colonoscopy, small bowel xray and according to the experts everything looks fine. Well except for I apparently have atrophy in my left butt cheek, which one Dr. thinks could be causing pain but every nerve pain medication I've tried doesn't touch it.
    At one time they thought it might be in my lower back and gave me steroid shots in my L5 area I believe but but that didn't do anything either.
    I'm becoming extremely frustrated the pain on most days is unbearable and I'm quickly nearing the end of my rope! On a more positive note I hope they find a solution for you. .
    Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)


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      i have and it didn't fix my pain at all. i have burning / stabbing pains in my legs. the drugs they gave me before they operated made me totally wacky though for a couple hours.


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        I've had radiofrequency ablation (of my dorsal roots I think but am not sure) and it helped significantly for a month or two.I don't know if that's a traditional treatment though. My pain doctor was also a radiologist and on the innovative edge of things I think.


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          Hi John, did you end up having the nerve block? What was the outcome?


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            Any update, John?