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What can I use to replace Celebrex.

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  • What can I use to replace Celebrex.

    My drug provider decided that Celebrex is no longer "justified' so they rejected my prescription renewal. Doctor's assistant indicated my only choice is to schedule a new visit and get a new script.
    My question is - is there an alternative to Celebrex.
    My doctor put me on Celebrex because she felt i was abusing ibuprophen.
    I just need something at night to take the edge off and get decent rest so I don't conk out at work.

    Any suggestions?


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    When my husban'ds celebrex stopped working, his doctor replaced it with meloxicam. He has done very well on it but I don't know if it's a viable alternative for you or not.


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      I was wondering if some one could analyse this assessment from the pharmaceutical provider associated with my health insurer - this is their response to my doctor's request for a Celebrex prescription renewal -

      "Celebrex 200mg in NOT covered if the patient is NOT at risk for a severe NSAID-related gastrointestinal (GI) adverse event(e.g. , an NSAID associated gastric ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding)."

      Isn't Celebrex an NSAID? They only allow NSAID drugs when you have problems caused by an NSAID?

      I intend to bust some one's chops about this - it looks like they can't even get their lame excuses right.


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        I had the same with my insurance co. they paid for Celebrex for a longtime and then wouldn't. No Celebrex nor pain meds will be paid for.


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          There used to be 2 other great choices for NSAIDS like Celebrex that didn't cause GI upset and bleeding. Vioxx (Merck) and Bextra - they were taken off the market when they found they had cardiac side effects. I was freaking that they would take Celebrex off which is a godsend for me, but they didn't. Not all NSAIDs are alike. These 3 were unique in that they didn't cause GI distress and GI gastritis/bleeding which is why many people, including myself can't take stuff like advil, naprosyn, for more than 3 days at a time.

          Insurance people want to be sure that patients have tried the cheaper and very effective meds first and only give Celebrex to those who can't tolerate them. But it just one more hoop to jump through to get what you want/need. Just like the hoops you have to go through to get oxycontin paid for, you have to have documentation that the others don't work for you. The harder they make it to get what you need, there will be a percentage of people who will just give up trying, and the insurance company will save/make more money.

          It is so distorted from the days the docs could order what they think was best for their patients and the pharmacy would fill what they requested. "Aaahh, back in the day...."


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            I was taking celebrex but got a notice that they would not be paying for it anymore. I would take celebrex on an as needed basis only. Now I am doing the same with ibuprofen.
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