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    I suffer from HIV related neuropathy with pain in my feet. I have tried meds, massage, accupuncture and none helped much. I then had a client that Solti Tens units with conductive socks that attach to the tens. I gave it a try and after a few 15 min sessions I started getting relief! Not a cure, but I can now keep my shoes on while at work and take less pain meds. You have to use it consistantly, if you don't the pain come back. If I have a really painfully day I do another treatment and feel better! My pain has gone from a 7-8 to a 4-5!! The best thing it is covered by insurance and Medicare! You can go to where they will verify your insurance, contact your doctor, do the papperwork, bill your insurance and ship you the items for free! You get a personal patient advocate that will help you with the product and how to safely use it. Feel free to email me if you want, i'm happy to help anybody. The site again is you will feel better!!
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    We had originally moved your post as spam and banned you as a spammer because your first post here contained a link to a commercial site and was essentially an advertisement for a commercial device. However, upon further review, I decided to reinstitute your membrership and return your post to the pain forum with an explanation for why your post was removed and why you were banned, and to ask you to stop advertising commercial products on our site.

    Because thousands people who themselves have or who have family members and friends with spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain, and related conditions visit CareCure every week, many spammers try to advertise their commercial products on CareCure. For that reason, we have rules against advertisement of commercial products on this site. We do not forbid posting of comments regarding commercial products by established members, once we know that they are clearly members of our community and are not just spammers.

    My suggestion is that if you are not a spammer and want to join our community, spend some time reading our posts and participating in the discussion before advertising a commercial product and posting a commercial link on this site. After you have become a member of our community, you may post about commercial products but please include a statement saying that you are not financially benefiting from the sale of the product or the commercial site that you are advertising. Thank you.

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