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Has heard where the FDA stands on IPX056?

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  • Has heard where the FDA stands on IPX056?

    I had been following IPX056 (extended form of baclofen) up to the start of Stage III clinical trials for MS, but then the information on it just seem to drop out off the news. Has anyone heard what the final data determined?
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    Hey Girl please let me know as I've been on Baclofen pills for eeeons what worries me Patty is that Because of oral pills I worry about my kidneys being I had a cyst on my left one .
    Any good info you can share is a blessing with your Brainpower
    Thanks Patty

    Hope youre feeling better
    Sincerely ; GL


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      I sure will Judy!! I've emailed the manufacture to see what additional information I can find out. I know what you mean with the kidney issues--I fight as hard as I can with the best nutrition possible. I hope all is well with you and you're braving that TX heat!! Love ya, Patty


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        Patty Same back there
        It is hard on my kidneys for about 5 years i've been noticing changes in my urological issues and I have a cyst on my left kidney the Dr's have me on lot's of oral meds it worries me I do not want my kidneys to get more damage .

        I try hard to leave my pain meds alone because I worry about this Damage stuff I only use my pain meds if my pain get's off the scale
        Dietary wise I eat light and healthy . All we can do is hang tough .

        Weve been through alot but We are survivors and I hope all is well with you
        Hugs Judy