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    Hello all,

    You all are in the know about medical stuff so I'm here with a new question....

    Any reccomendations for pain meds of people who do well on vicodin but not other meds is appreciated. those of you who do well on vicodin have you found alternative meds that are maybe less addictive, just as effective and maybe even have the emotional benefits of being a little "out of it" when you take it? vicodin is heavily monitered in terms of getting a perscription here in the USA so it's irritating that it's the best drug that manages my pain....

    The background: I have really bad/unpleasent reactions to ALL narcotics EXCEPT:

    Fentanyl w/benadryl- have to take the benadryl or I itch and scratch so bad I bleed
    Dilauded w/benadryl-same reason for the benadryl
    Vicodin- I have no horrible side effects from this and it works really well for my pain

    I much prefer vicodin of the three meds for 3 main reasons:

    A. the main unpleasant side effect is very short term memory loss (can't remember a conversation from 5 minutes ago but can remember what i ate for breakfast) but it's not that hard to deal with. as upposed to the beligerent psychotic anxiety that occurs with the other narcotics i have tried and can't take such as percocet, morphine etc....

    B. because I dont' have to pair it with benadryl like the other two I can actually stay awake and semi functional on it. Narcotic already causes me somnelence (drowsyness) and then adding the full dose of benadryl on top of it required to control the "scratching till I bleed from itchiness) puts me out like a light.
    I need to be on strong pain meds not all the time but regularly, and I need to be able to stay awake to complete daily living activities (household chores, walking dog, showering etc...

    C. becuase it's an opiate so i get the lovely side effect of easing the emotional distress from pain is a nice benefit, yes I actually find the "zooey" feeling to be a benefit. I'm weird what can I say? some of you may think it's wrong but sometimes "checking out" is the best way to cope with severe pain for me. Not always, but sometimes, when the deep breathing/visualization jjust isnt' cutting it.
    Liza R. McCollum

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    Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe pain, but unlike Vicodin and other drugs containing opioids, it doesn't cause drowsiness or space you out. Tramadol is *not* a scheduled drug under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). It comes in both short-acting and extended release formulas. Some people have great success with it -- for others, it doesn't do anything.

    If the problem is central (neuropathic) pain, these non-narcotic drugs are also an option worth exploring: gabapentin (Neurontin), Cymbalta, Lyrica, Topamax.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

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      mcco - hi there. I would consider yourself very lucky if you have found a medication that works well and you can have a life still while taking it. Sounds like Vicodin fits that for you. There is nothing wrong with taking Vicodin as long as you don't need increasing amounts to stay out of pain. Can you find a Pain Management doc who can agree with you that this is a reasonable management option and will write this for you? I hope so.