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    Originally posted by GL View Post
    Hi Rybread i've admired your inspiration / knowledge regarding these thing's ,
    It is hipcrip / others like you who shed light for ppl like me .
    Soon I will be speaking to my Dr's regarding possibly going for it ... In the mean time you all just call me Scardy Cat ; GL lol hugs to ya all

    Patty n me want to have some nice Tea n Brunch or whatever hipcrip help me out maybe we all can party @ Rybreads for a day he is not too far from me .

    Someday I hope to meeet every one of you because life is so short yet my hair is pretty long lol
    Judy--as soon as I get some of my medical necessities taken care of, I'm going to plan a nice couple day plan trip just to meet you. In the past, I attended several nursing conferences through out TX and liked it there very much during early spring and late fall. Summer was a bit too hot!! LOL..sorry!!


      Originally posted by Patty41 View Post
      For the users of the baclofen pump--if you have it implanted at the level injury are you needing still to take a drug, such as gabapentin, for the sting and burning neuropathic pain? My PM doc is wanting me to try the pump and am just wondering what maybe to expect. Any input is greatly appreciated!!

      I've had my pump since Dec '10. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It's currently not a positive relationship because I am having tons of issues now. It worked great at first though! But now my spasms are back, I've been "twitching" again, and my back pain is the worst its ever the point where I can't sleep at night.

      My catheter tip is at around T2; my injury is C5/6. When it works, it works great for my arms and legs. It's nice not having to take all those damn pills. Since I've had the pump, I've taken myself off of all of my other oral meds, including the gabapentin. I still have the same amount of nerve pain that I did when I was taking the gaba, but my head is a LOT clearer now that I'm off of it. The only thing I take orally now is my Enablex.


        Thanks Maggie--that's some excellent input and gives me snap shot to what may/could be expected.


          On my 2nd pump, its a life saver for me. Without it I had horrible spasms constantly, the high dose of baclofin directly into my spine helps me to be much more independent than otherwise., and without the side effect of making me sleepy [like oral baclofin]. I have had no problems since I had the first one put in [2003]. Don't be nervous.


            hey everyone,
            i had the pump implanted 2 years ago, 200mcg/day (usually they start with low dosage)now im doubling the dosage cause i have small stomach spasms and legs. i have the archimed pump(johnson&johnson)that runs on gas and dont have to change it every 5-6 for the pain (neuoropathic pain)baclofen does nothing.
            i also put on a duragesic patch 25mcg/72hours (also low dosage) it barely helps,im always in pain that i smoke a joint of hashish at night so i can sleep a bit,although its illegal and not even my doctor knows.
            i have a question to RDF,do u know if morphine and bacllofen can be mixed inthe same pump (archimed pump).cause i fell like my legs r on fire and have goose bumps most of the day.