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Hurting/burning and it doesnt lessen

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  • Hurting/burning and it doesnt lessen

    I want to blame most of it on the weather....

    My legs feel like an evil angry little invisible fairy has a brillo pad and is scraping all the skin off again. Then they are packed in ice for a bit n while thawing out he is pouring alcohol on the raw spots. All the while, my greatest enemies are poking me with needles in random spots that zing from one place to the other.

    I have been trying to keep busy. I have completed lots of projects. I have made some things and I am painting the rest of the house. I have read a few books. I am painting. I am training Zoe, the world's greatest boxer. I am taking pictures.

    But I am still hurting to the point my concentration is hit or miss.

    I was up until 4 this morning. One of my daughter's best friends was killed in a car accident last night. I waited up for my daughter to get home from the trauma center which is 2 hours away. I tried to talk her out of going but I guess it was important for her to be there as they disconnected life support and she got to hold her hand and say goodbye before they did.

    I thought I was over my accident but found myself cringing this morning when I heard a siren.

    I just passed my 23 year anniversary on May 5. An ambulance has not bothered me in years....
    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

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    Man, DEDaisy, you're getting it on all fronts right now -- physical, emotional, and psychological pain ganging up together can give you one hell of a beat down.

    Your daughter has my condolences on the loss of her friend, and you have my sympathy that her accident brought the feelings from your own up to the surface again. I keep holding on to the hope that there'll come a time when the flashbacks stop and we can look back on what happened instead of re-living it.

    Wish I had more to offer than a virtual shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, and the hope that all of these pains back off.

    PS - You did an excellent job describing the central pain.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar


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      How sad for your daughter and her friend's family.
      Sorry your pain is back. Your meds seemed to have it under control for a while and now this flare up.
      We always wonder if the weather change aggravates it for hub, but sometimes no rhyme or reason.


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        Hey DD, I hope you're feeling better. But I really doubt it. We've been having the same weather on this side of the mountain. So far this week has been rough, with the threat of rain every day.....the weather affects my pain level. If a storm front is large enough, it does'nt even have to be close by. I found that out last year when Nashville got the storm that did all of the flooding....I don't know why, but it does.

        I feel so sorry for Casey. I remember what it felt like to lose a friend at her age. It feels so can't believe it's true.

        Keep busy T. That's all you can do, and hope the pain eases up. The weather is looking a little better, so that's usually a good sign......


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          thinking of you. keep strong.


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            sending hugs and good thoughts your way
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              I thought I would go crazy with the pain and burning until i got moraphine added to my pump. instintly all pain was gone. that was 15 yrs ago and i'm still pain free. I only get 12mg of moraphine a day without any side effects.


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                Having pain like that, seems unbearable at times! I listen to music to when I feel the burning sensations. There are nights i get no sleep! All the meds in the world only help you deal with the pain issue, but do not take the pain away! I found that soaking in the tub or pool helps with the pain! Also, massages help. Try maybe elevating your legs at night above your head and see if that helps. Also, white TED hose may help. Take care and God bless. You and your daughter are in my prayers.


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                  I am so sorry for both of you. You did the right thing in allowing her to say goodbye to her friend.

                  Yes the changes in air pressure can impact you pain levels. Ryan can tell us when the 30% is going to include us. Odd but real.

                  I know what you mean about the sirens. We live only about a mile from the fire/paramedic station and they rarely use the sirens-we are in a very rural area. Every time I hear them in the morning, I remember the morning they were for Ryan and pray for the person(s) who are in need.

                  You are both in my prayers.--eak
                  Elizabeth A. Kephart, PHR
                  mom/caregiver to Ryan-age 21
                  Incomplete C-2 with TBI since 3/09


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                    Its been over a month and I still remember the night so vividly. I didn't know Kat but she had such an impact on the kids here. Her organs were donated.

                    I have gotten better with the sirens too.

                    We had storms roll through most of the last two weeks and my legs have been unbearable even with medicine.

                    Tonight is going to be a bad night but I will survive LOL. I have a bed full of furry babies to snuggle with and I am reading a Danielle Steele book. I never read love stories but maybe I need to go to ranch with cowboys tonight since I can't sleep LOL

                    I can't quite get Zoe to understand that she can't lay across the bed instead of up and down....LOL
                    T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

                    My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown