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My Dr. Says God is mad at me and thats why I have pain O.0

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    Just in case she is as ignorant about Medical things as she is God, I would get a different Doc...


      Wow, I thought I had heard it all. After my accident I attended a Baptist church, and one of the members told me my accident had occurred as punishment for a misdeed I had done.
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        Originally posted by barondidit View Post
        I dont know what she told him but he immediately walked around the back of my chair and started pushing me out of the office and down the hall. When I tried to stop at the payment desk, he kept pushing and almost knocked me out of my chair. He said there was no need to pay, and a few days later I got a discharge letter from them.
        Just so you know, this is technically assault, and you could both file a legal complaint and file a complaint to the medical board (and possibly see an attorney as well) for behavior like this. Unconsented touching of any kind by a health care professional can be seen legally as assault and battery. We make that very clear to our staff.

        Good luck in getting a doctor who will agree to allow you to record them (voice or video) while you are undergoing treatment. You would have to have their consent, and most will tell you that for legal, privacy, and liabiltiy reasons that this is not allowed.

        Always ask about board certification, and ask to see their certification certificate. You can also get information about whether board certification is actually current from any hospital where the physician practices, or from the certifying board (such as the Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for physiatrists). Just because someone says they are a "family practice" does not necessarily mean they are board certified in that field.

        The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


          Originally posted by barondidit View Post
          Ill have to do a little more investigation to make sure, but im pretty sure she IS a family practice physician. Least thats what the place is called....Family Practice at XXXX...
          Yea I will be finding another Dr. and filing some complaints now that I have some feedback that Im not the crazy one.
          I swear, I am going to start recording ALL of my conversations with my Dr's from now on. This is the same "family" of "Drs" that one, told me I should feel NOTHING because Im paralyzed a few years ago. I was in A LOT of pain at the time and was not as nice with her. Not mean, but, I then asked her "when was the last time that she read a study on people with SCI and neuro pain? 1977?" I didnt yell at her or cuss or call her names or anything, just asked that question. She then walked out of the office and returned with the head DR. I dont know what she told him but he immediately walked around the back of my chair and started pushing me out of the office and down the hall. When I tried to stop at the payment desk, he kept pushing and almost knocked me out of my chair. He said there was no need to pay, and a few days later I got a discharge letter from them.
          ughhh. SCI and the Drs that cant fix it or the pain suck. Which is like....ALL of them?. NO COMPASSION! They are all scared to write for any strong opiates now as well now in Fl. The DE@ has them all running scared of loosing their licenses. I understand the whole "pill mill" problem, But Im 33, have no criminal record, never "lost" my meds or had them "stolen". No "red flags". I have obvious debilitating pain. Its just crazy to me.

          I was at KESSLER and my PM DOC told me I have no pain.. Its hard to get result witout evidence for the medical board to do anything...
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            Originally posted by NorthQuad View Post
            No you weren't.

            Just kidding. But seriously, what a silly doctor. Jesus would pray for her mental health.


              Lately I have been having real problems with my religious beleifs because of crapo like this. I do not want to blame God, though, its religious nuts and religious psyco nuts that pump out this rubbish. Its rapidly curdling me against religion.I cannot STAND people that do this kind of thing to people under the guise if religion.
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                Whoa. Your doctor has a God complex. She has mistaken her ignorance for God's wisdom. This might be termed using God's name in vain.

                Sometimes it just comes down to their being too lazy to want to fill out a disability form. This gets changed into religious talk. When someone talks about an act of God, they usually mean something really terrible has happened to a person. I see it as just a world where we had to have free agency in order to be real people and not robots. Don't want to get into a religious discussion though. I have pain enough without that.

                I cannot imagine a believing person contracting central pain without at least questioning what God is up to, and perhaps most will actually become angry at God. The thing is to get over it as quckly as you can. I read stories of people going up in flames and having beatific attitudes, but that is not me, at all. I react to pain. Maybe there are lots of people more spiritual than I am, but I am what I am. I have to deal with that, not how angels behave.

                I expect medical professionals to care, and to educate themselves. Twenty years ago, one could understand ignorance about central pain, but not today. Today it is just garden variety ignorance.

                Normally, we would tell the doc to take two running jumps and go straight to H89&^%&. The reality is that they sign our prescriptions, and we need them, so we take the humiliation. I have thought about this and decided it does teach me patience. I must have needed a lot because it sure has been rough for me to keep my mouth shut.

                A specialist, being a specialist, can be just as ignorant. Some orthopedists have no training in pain, treat athletes who are encouraged to get back on the playing field, and in this fixed mode, they may tell you the same thing. You have to just try to avoid these types. They are not going to change their minds. If they say they do not trust you, I think it is okay to say you do not trust them because the medical literature tells all about central pain.

                I am sure you know God is not punishing you. There is a place in the New Testament where a person has a malady and the question is asked, "Who sinned. This person or her parents" The answer is that neither sinned. One of the toughest deals is when a minister tells you that you are being punished, or lucky or whatever. You have to develop a thick skin and just let it pass. When they put on a layer of self righteousness on top of it, that is when we really learn patience. As you can tell, I am not there yet.
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                  How sad when someone we must believe in, and trust completely tells us so much hog wash!

                  I'm not the most religious person, and to my own shame, have'nt even been to church in years....but nothing I've ever been taught or learned/decided on my own even remotely suggests we "get" something....have an accident....suffer from pain/disease/paralysis as a punishment for something we've done!

                  We're human and suffer from free will and accidents..... It's unfortunate that the free will of others often affect another.

                  It saddens me that a doctor is judging, rather than practicing medicine...


                    I'd pass her by, but wonder what her opinion was of poor Job.
                    They must of left out what he did bad...
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                      Report her, and find a real Dr..


                        Originally posted by jody View Post
                        holy cow
                        That is a very judgemental statement. Baron never said she was a cow.
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                          What if she's right?

                          What if she's like Nostradamus's great great great granddaughter or something???


                            we're all fucked and going to hell then...


                              Originally posted by doha View Post
                              Your DR need a DR


                                I agree with the majority on here find a new Dr. God is not mad at you by giving you pain. For anyone to say that is BS and for a DR to say that is a sin for sure. I am sure when you were told that you must have been shocked and saddened by such an idiotic statement.

                                Yes we look up to physicians, they went thru years of medical training sorry you found one that misplaced her knowledge for stupidity.

                                God is the ultimate healer, that's where you need to put ypur faith in.
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