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Why do I have constant knee pain 2 months after a knee arthroscopy?

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    Why do I have constant knee pain 2 months after a knee arthroscopy?

    I had a knee arthroscopy at the end of January 2011. The main purpose of the arthroscopy was to shave an extra bone that had grown - due to the trauma of my accident (I was a passenger on a motorbike). Originally, the surgeon was going to remove a metal wire that had been inserted after my accident to hold the bone structure together, but when it came to the arthroscopy, he decided to leave the wire inside the knee and just shave the extra bone. I have been given basic knee exercises to do but I can't seem to eliminate the knee pain or bend my knee correctly. When I sit down there is no problem bending my knee. The pain occurs when I walk so it means I have to rely on a walking stick because the knee will just not bend so this prohibits me from doing simple steps such as walking up and down kerbs. I would be so very grateful if anyone has any solutions as to why the knee will not bend normally.

    I can share a similar frustration. I had arthroscopy on my knee to repair a torn meniscus back in July. I was told most people go back to normal a few weeks after the surgery. It took me about 4 months! I only tore 2% of my cartilage and I had NO evidence of arthritis in the knee. I could hardly bend my knee for a month, was in too much pain for therapy after surgery. My surgeon was kind of puzzled.

    What helped me the most were 1., a cortisone shot, and 2., LOTS of therapy for my knee. I mean taking it very slow at first, trying to get the full motion of the joint back (both extended and bent), then strength in the quads and stretching. My injury is different then yours, but not having full range of motion for an extended period of time, both before and after surgery really aggravated my knee and caused a lot of pain. It is important to try and get full range of the joint to break up scar tissue

    SCI just makes everything worse, pain and healing. Also, check to see if your knee cap is tracking properly. It is very easy to have this problem from not walking with proper gait. try a cho-pat strap.
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      I have had one knee scoped twice and my other knee done once. I eventually had a total knee replacement done almost a year ago. I functioned very well with the knee after it was scoped.

      Keep doing your exercises even though your knee cap may feel like a tight rubber band it will get better. It might take you a couple of months before the pain goes away. Walking is still one of the best things you can do, or if you can find a indoor pool walking and exercise does not hurt in the water. Don't forget to ice your knee after exercise also. Do you have pain medication that take the edge off? Do you still have swelling on your knee?

      Wishing you the best in your recovery
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