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nerve pain from damaged nerve

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    nerve pain from damaged nerve

    I was looking for where the nerves were located and thought I would search for nerve pain forums to see if there were people in the same world I live in. I was involved in vehicle accident that broke my hip I guess the broken boned jagged edges damaged my nerve and now I suffer from nerve pain in my left leg. This accident happened in the year 03 the pain narcotics I had been taking to make the pain go away (30mg morphine, max on the vicodin,hidromophon, I can't remember all) worked for 5 years then I biult a tolerance to them, now I have no pain relief at all. They have had me on gabipentin for several times but it never seems to do anythng for me each time was around 5 to 6 months. About a year ago I was ready thru a pain forum I read where people had the nerves destroyed and they said the nerve pain had gone away for months to years. So I have been trying to get this done, and am unsuccesful. they sent me to a pain specialist and he wants to implant a spinal cord stimulator, the only thing is I can,t afford the surgury and insurance, I ask him to do neuroblation on the nerve he said that would be the last resort. I won't denie that I have been thinking of suacide I been telling myself I won't feel the nerve any more because it really hurts, but I have been thinking that if I can't get the Dr.s to do the surgury that I wood get a box cutter and cut the nerve myself because my leg is numb I can't feel it so it wouldn't hurt none, But I feel the nerve in about a close location of where is. this has been on my mind for several months I keep thinking that I'll hit the femeral artery or how much blood there will to where I wouldn't be abe to see what I was doing, to cutting the wrong nerve. Because I don't think I can live whith this much longer. just thought I wouldleave a note of my exsperiance whith this nerve pain. I hope none of you have to go thru what I have been.

    If you have built up a tolerance to narcotics and find yourself increasing the amount it takes to achieve relief, you may want to discuss with your Pain Specialist temporarily getting off them to give your body a chance to reset and eliminate the tolerance you have built up. This would take substituting other meds while you take this 'holiday' off opiates and your Pain Specialist could help you get through this. Of course it is going to be very uncomfortable temporarily.

    I can't tell from your note if the person writing the medications for your pain management is the Pain Specialist or just your internist or general practice doc. Did you go to the Pain Specialist just for evaluation for a stimulator or ablation or do they manage your meds?


      I know you can't afford a spinal neural implant but if there is a way (Medicaid etc) I would find a way. I had a severe nerve injury to both lower legs as a result of a spinal cord injury due to the doctors not doing surgery before my disc blew. Once they blew, it stopped every function from my waste down. This left all my nerves totally shot and I started having nerve type spasms in my legs which is similar to a charlie horse but you can't massage it away because if you touch it, it gets so bad..this left me in fetal position crying horribly. One time my husband had to even call 911 in front of my two young daughters and the ambulance people just kept pumping me with Fentynal until I stopped screaming. I had a spinal neural implant done 2 years ago now and it has helped so much, that I can't imagine living without it. I did have excellent insurance at the time which helped (but I had to have it done 3x..once was the trial, then the implant, that one dislodged before I was even released to go back to work. Then a couple of months later I was put back in hospital and a different type of implant was put in. A more stable type. The implant is in my T-9 lamina (right under bra strap) and wires go down my spine to the pacemaker batter in my left hip. It is rechargeable for up to 9 years. I use it 24/7 and have different settings for when I lie down, stand and walk, drive etc...when I forget to change the setting from night to day within an hour my legs are aching so bad. Once I put the stimulator on, it is almost like automatic releif. I hope you can find a way to get what you need..check your state and what insurance options are available for you. If you are disabled and receiving Medicare, I believe they cover it. I know there will be some out of pocket but you can help prepare for that by maybe temporarily paying for AARP which usually picks up the balances after Medicare. I work in this type of insurance so I know if there is a will there is a way. Check with your State and see what is available to you. If car accident, maybe there could be a law suit monies or additional coverage??


        The implants don't work for many, not me, research. I know you need releif but check them out to me added 3 useless surgeries/revisions for nothing

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