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Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment for SCI Pain??

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    Believe what you want. Makes no difference to me. Just an fyi. The united states military just ordered 12 of them. I imagine they see something in them.


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      Calmare treatment

      I recently found out about Calmare and wondered if anyone has had any treatments and what their experience is? I was run over by a car in 1989 and have had chronic pain since - RSD/CRPS - it says it works well for that type of pain and neuropathy. I also have degeneration of C4 - C6 and lumbar spinal stenosis. Any info?


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        Another one hit wonder for an unproven treatment developed by a liar who faked his credentials.


        Look for valid scientific data and validation using approved testing, scientific methodology.

        Barring that I have a special solution I sell for $150K per application and i have a number of people who'll gladly swear by it. And I won't even lie about my lack of credentials.

        miliaty ordered 12 units mmmmmm that sounds like pork barrel to me.



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          fyi I'm not addlebrained. You get tolerant to the 'high' or effects that your 'feel'...and only get the pain relief...mostly ALL the time.. same is true of medical marijuana. I asked. You soon become tolerant to the beginning side effects. Rarely do you continue to get those effects because of becoming tolerant. If you are in chronic just don't have these symptoms. Because you take the medication for a time. Not just a few days. Just a fyi. I was looking up calmar on the internet and found this site and read the post. Please consider...learn....and know the truth. The 'hype' about narcotics the news tells isn't accurate. Go to other pain sites and meet people in CP many years over. Or ask A GOOD DOCTOR. Many aren't good. Find a GOOD PM doc and learn about this stuff. The 'hype' is what keeps us from getting all the meds we need. That and the abuse of it. I wish they would leave CP'ers alone. Again...if you ever get cp you will understand. I beg those who doubt this to research. The myth needs to go please educate yourself. Not on news/hype etc but on medical facts. Thanks for letting me share my words.


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            Recent Experience with Scrambler Therapy

            Our teenage son suffered from CRPS bilaterally in his knees as a complication of surgeries. He had been in pain for five years. Nothing helped. After doing a lot of research on the internet and talking with the various clinics offering the treatment, we travelled across the country to try Scrambler Therapy, hopeful but also skeptical. I can't speak for others, but it worked for our son. His pain subsided after the second treatment and has been gone for four weeks now. It has been life-changing!

            I understand people's skepticism. His pain doctor was not enthusiastic because it wasn't proven in large scale clinical trials, but agreed it wouldn't hurt to try.

            The physician who treated him agreed to come in on Easter weekend (Saturday and Sunday) so that we could get enough treatments in. And he also arranged his schedule to be present for the treatments. I don't know about other clinics where techs do the treatments, but we had a great experience.


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              Try the flow zone, see new thread about adapting to pain.