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"Pain contracts" and marijuana use

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    That is a sad story, LindaT. Many legitamate PCs will not prescribe what we need for that very reason.

    I forgot to mention, these clinics do not write an Rx that is filled at a pharmacy. They actually dispence the drugs, by the thousands. It is a loop-hole in state law that our stupid legislature can't find the time to correct. They are too busy attemting to pass laws to punish teachers, and force ulta-sounds on women before abortions.


      Can't wait til they get rid of the DEA, it will be a glorious day for Americans. I've been thinking of moving to Canada myself.


        Sorry to hear Timeonmyass-It sounds like your state is living in the stone age. I wonder how other states were able to get medical marijuana as a medical drug? It's legal here in Ontario, Canada and haven't seen any problems yet with this. I hope someday soon you would be able to use mmj some day soon. It's not fair if you're in pain or this medication is the only thing that works for you. I hope somehow the law changes for you there. Cher


          Thanks everybody for the replies. Today I decided (at least for now) to stop using marijuana rather than risk the possibility of being cut off from my medications. The physician I see that the SCI clinic has changed and I suspect a urine test on my next visit, so it's better to be safe than sorry. I can live without it, but to be cut off from pain medication would be a lot harder.

          I'm hopeful that our government will change its position on marijuana someday soon, but I'm not holding my breath. What gets me is how we get treated like children on the issue and at the same time alcohol gets a pass.


            How long does it take to get it out of your system?


              I've always heard about a month or so.


                spell your name wrong an sign billybob.

                fuck the pot laws, i get bad blader pain an eating pain killers all the time just plugs ya ass so i have a pipe an bam pain an spazems gone for hours, shit i dont even get stoned.... things over here might be more laid back my doc knows an still gives my what i need.


                  i was taking 90 oxycontin 40 mg, and 180 perk 10's per month, for three and a half years. failed a urine test with a low trace of thc as i had not smoked for almost six weeks. he cut me off cold turkey five days before i was to refill my meds and i went through hell for just over a month, I thought i was gonna die! i'd like to kill that bastard. its been over four months since i've had a pain pill and the pain in my gutt is getting worse as it feels like everything is quivering inside. if it wasn't for pot, i'd get no sleep at all and helps keep my mind straight dealing with sci as a whole.


                    Been seeing a pain Dr. for about two years. I dont recall sigining any contract but I propbably did. They once asked me for a urine sample but I didnt bring a cath so that was that. Next visit I told the Dr. I would bring a cath along to my visits and he said to just forget about it. I havent broought up the med marijuana issue since Im a little hesitant but I began using it sparingly after the Nov 2012 elections. I havent used it since the 90's and even then it was very infrequent. I used in college and stopped after having children and to protect my career which would take my professional license away for a felony, which it no longer is in my state...which also does not have med marijuana. I figured f*ck it after the elections. 18 states & D.C. now have med marijuana and its legal in two.

                    I hate taking narcotics and have as much as I want but they scare me. I got tired of always being in pain (T6 para) having frequent sever migraines and muscle spasms. I was always constipated, in a drug stupor, falling asleep at functions and at home often and worried about addiction and liver damage.

                    My career basically ended over 10 years ago and my kids are in college and I decided to do something for myself for once. SO I broke out the 12+ y.o. marijuana and decided to see if it helped...and it did...for everything!

                    I bought a $30 vaporizer and it works great. I use a lot less bud and 4-5 small slow draw hits in the morning and Im good for the day. I only use more at night if I have something planned that will keep me in my chair for a longer period. The longer Im in my chair the more my pain and spasms increase.

                    I definately recommend trying it and using a vaporizer. I got mine here:


                    I would do anything for my family but finally decided that being able to function was a top priority and went for it, even if it isnt legal here. Shame on it not being available fo those that it will help.

                    I dont vape infront of my family and do it in private..they dont even know.

                    Now I have less pain, much fewer and less sever migraines and fewer spasms. Time to put me first after decades of taking a back seat.

                    Also, Im much more relaxed and calmer. It dont get as upset about daily inconviences as I used to. I think it has improved my quality of life in so many ways.


                      great testimonial! The fact its helped your spasms really interests me. I'm not sci but have a lot of neuromuscular symptoms. They seem to cause some of the worst pain and inconvenience for me.

                      I've also tried lots of prescription anxiety meds over the years without any good long term results so I've given up on them. I really wish I could try marijuana. I was going to with my previous pain Dr to be honest... when things were going well I would only see him every 2 months, and so I planned to try marijuana since as long as I did it the first month I'd be safe if I had an unexpected urine test at the appt. My roommate at the time smoked regularly and we talked and he wanted to get some "really good stuff" and make "green butter" and bake something for me. We never got around to it. My new pain managment Dr ALWAYS sees patients monthly, and for all I know as a new patient I might be urine tested every month for a while. The first time I was ever asked to do a drug screen I was a bit offended but that was from my GP who I had seen for YEARS. It was clean and she increased my meds, prior to my first pain management specialist. Since then I mostly have the feeling that giving some urine is a small price to pay for the meds that actually help me. I've spent long periods of time completely bedridden due to pain while being between pain Drs, or with ones who wouldn't prescribe opiods. (I've been on pain meds for 14 years, so I've tried everything else and at this point opiods seem required for me) But the one thing that bothers me about the process is not being able to try marijuana, and it not being legal in most states.

                      I have a question, with the vaporizor does it smell similarly to smoke at all? The smell of the smoke makes me sick after a contact high as a teen that made me viciously sick. Thats why my roommate and I planned for me to try eating it.
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                      I am not paralyzed. I have a genetic connective tissue disorder with neuro complications and a movement disorder.


                        Originally posted by CapnGimp View Post

                        PATHETIC BASTARDS... ANYONE and I DO MEAN ANYONE who can say with a straight face that pot should be illegal. I've been saying it since I was in grade school. Stupid mf's.

                        His mom got a settlement years later. The JUDGE is still alive.... I feel they should have been sentenced to death for murder. Good thing he wasn't my son, but they would have had hell taking him from me to jail anyway.

                        Pain clinics...I went to one one time years ago. Rolled out when they said what I do at home is their business. Fucking police state mentality got out of hand after the 70s. Whichever state comes to their senses FIRST will be my new home.

                        Those who make laws that keep us in pain and on the end of a beggar's leash to get relief, I have NO sympathy for. BIG OIL and PHARMACEUTICALS rule the roost. Wonder which one kills us first?
                        I wear synthetic fiber underwear's the closest I can come to makin'em smell my nutz and lick my ASS!


                        ps forgive my rant, 30 yrs of hammering it out and I STILL ain't got over the utter stupidity of it all. Good luck in Cali getting out the voters with a brain instead of the mindless slugs who will vote against legalization...
                        I remember reading about this soon after it happened. I was so pissed I wanted to hurt somebody.
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                          [QUOTE=SoFla;1277720]Florida, Broward County in particular, is the pain clinic capital of the states. There is one every few blocks. All a "patient" needs to get "treatment" is an MRI, which can be done on premises. These bogus clinics have lines out the door. They are nothing short of drug dens owned by drug dealers, attracting users from as far away as Ohio. These people come every month to get a supply to bring back for personal use, and sale.

                          This is a huge problem, driving the legitimate pain management doctors to be extremely strict with their contracts.[/QUOTE/]

                          Those clinics still there? I seen a documentary and I was under the impression that those clinics are being closed down.
                          My mouth is like a magician's hat, never know what might come out of it.


                            Originally posted by ~Lin View Post

                            I have a question, with the vaporizor does it smell similarly to smoke at all? The smell of the smoke makes me sick after a contact high as a teen that made me viciously sick. Thats why my roommate and I planned for me to try eating it.
                            no, it smells a lot less than smoking it with a vaporizer. I have a volcano and we fire it up in the house every night and the smell is not bad at all (and I'm anal about how my house looks/smells).
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                              But does it smell like marijuana at all? For example, just smelling the marijuana leaves makes me feel sick to my stomach. The smoke is worse, like hanging on someones clothing after having smoked but the raw leaves even do it to me.
                              Board Member of Assistance Dog Advocacy Project working in Education. Feel free to ask me any service dog questions!

                              I am not paralyzed. I have a genetic connective tissue disorder with neuro complications and a movement disorder.


                                It takes about 30 days to get out of your system if they use a urine test (what they all use). A hair test can go farther but they all collect urine.

                                Ry had to sign a contract (PCP docs are very limited in VA as to what they can write for narcotics). Ry uses narcotics very occasionally. He knows when his appointments are for the pain clinic and does not take a chance on the pee test. He has not been tested in a couple of years. He also is not calling every month for another slip. His last refill was because the pills he had were expired. He did have to tell them when he had surgery and was given pain meds. It was no big deal as ortho and pain mgmt are both part of the Sentara network so they see what each other does.

                                A doctor change will probably prompt a test. You are right to not take the chance but it really sucks that they test for pot but not for alcohol. I only hope I live long enough for the laws to change.--eak
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