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Why is the pain so much worse at night??

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    Why is the pain so much worse at night??

    So the pain is awful during the day..... you don't think it can get any worse. But every night, some worse then others even, it manages to shoot through the roof. It's no longer on that stupid scale they tell you to "rate the pain" on. Why?? Oh God why does it do that?? I am completely desperate for sleep. It's like it's playing its own stupid, UNFUNNY game. I am ready to surrendor if someone can tell me the answer....

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    I am a T-10 complete and have terrible pains every night between 3 to 5 am every day. I take an Anitryptelene to help sleep. I always wake up with pain. My doctor said the body goes into a rest period and that is why the pain gets stronger. I have no clue why or what we can do. All I know is I stopped taking Lyrica and Neurotin and feel 100% better. I also increased my levels of vitamin D and some others which have helped a little too. I wish you well and pray your pain ends.