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Pain Pump Implated in Back w/o relief

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    Pain Pump Implated in Back w/o relief

    i have had my SynchromedII pump implanted right over the genesis of my my back over my secrum. I was told that pumps planted in the abdomen have more problems with kinks in the catheter, so it sits right above my right butt cheek and is exactly at my belt line. I cannot sit, sleep, roll or tighten my belt b/c it causes the pump to rub against my secrum and hurts like heck! The first 3 weeks were awesome! ZERO pain!!! I thought I was in heaven then...all hell broke loose. The incision was always sore but I thought it would get better, the incision pain has gone away however I believe the placement is poor.

    I want the pump moved b/c it has been so uncomfortable since install, and the Dr. says I have to wait 1 year b/c insurance wont pay for another sx. I have been going back to the doc every week since install and have had the little success. I just had a refill and they increased the concentration of morphine and bupivicaine so I would not need refills so often. But with no relief, the Dr. made me get a pain pump study and MRI, both show normal activity however I now have a 5mm cyst at L3-4. my pain is cyatic and neuropathic and thought the pain pump was supposed to relieve the pain? I had better luck on oral meds. I have become so angry and grumpy due to lack of sleep and the constant mental and physical drain of chronic pain. I am beginning to hate my life and my Dr. b/c I feel like he is not helping me. It has been 3 weeks since he has seen me. doesnt return calls, wont give me anything for breakthrough pain or to control the pain b/c he says oral narcotics interfere with the pain receptors that would normally be uptaking the pump meds and therefore refuses to give me anything besides the meds in the pump, which are not working. I am so depressed can anyone tell me...
    1. have they had the pump implanted in their back and if so, have they had probs?
    2. have you ever heard of no oral meds b/c of interference with pump meds?
    3. what happens when the pump is just not relieving the pain? Removal?
    4. I know that high concentrations of morphine can cause granulomas at the catheter high a concentration causes this phenomenon.
    5. Does anyone know of a good dr in the greater Phoenix area outside of the Mayo System that could possibly take over the management b/c my doc seems to only care about the money not about helping me?

    thanks in advance and please help!

    First off, welcome to CareCure. Like we all say, I'm glad you found us but I'm sorry you had to. Filling in your profile information might give us a little more detail on what you're going through. Okay, now as far as the pump goes:
    1-My pump is put in my side and made by Medtronics. Putting it in my back was never an option nor would I have taken it.
    2-That's crazy that the doctor isn't providing you with any breakthrough medication. But then again, every doctor has it their own way of doing things.
    3-I have my pump mostly for spasms but I did used to have Dilaudid, which is a stronger version of morphine, and I've tried a bunch of other drugs to help with it. The only thing that makes a really big difference with my pain is bibucaine.
    4-I don't know anything about stuff building up at the tip. I've never had a problem with that.
    5-I go through Dr. Stearns who works at the North Valley Cancer Treatment Center. It's outside of the Mayo clinic right by Scottsdale North hospital off of 92nd St. and Shea. We tried a lot of stuff to get rid of my pain mainly going back to just my baclofen and bibucaine. The Dilaudid and other stuff had pretty severe side effects that I think were somewhat worse than the pain.
    I hope all this helps you. There's lots of information around the site on pain/baclofen pump's. Good luck getting it all figured out.
    C-5/6, 7-9-2000
    Scottsdale, AZ

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      You are not alone and you have every right to be upset

      I had my pump put in 04/13/2012 and I do not get any relief either. What are we supposed to do about the agonizing pain while our drs order the same tests over and over. I have lived with pain all my life and thought I might get some relief. I really give you a lot of credit--- you are fighting and sometimes the anger can help! Good luck. I am sure you can tell, but this is my first post.


        Thanks to all!

        I am grateful for any info. I hope t.hat the more I learn, the better I will be at coping. I will find my profile and see what I should add.