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  • Analogies of Pain >>>>Celebrex

    Spinal Cord Injury individual's sometimes live with pain that is very hard to describe or endure . Neuropathic Pain is a major common denominator amongst many of us , which led me to elaborate about my experience or way's I am trying to cope with this intriguing mystery .

    Yesterday I went to my Dr and I told him my whole left side of my body feels Dead , He said how so ? I replied
    A pain like if you slept on your hand or leg in the wrong position but a million times worse and the numbness is so excruciating your limbs feel like dead meat .
    He asked me how long have you felt this pain ? I told him eversince the accident many year's ago .

    He looked at his computer chart and said you've been on celebrex long ago , Would you give it a try ?
    So here I am with Celebrex once again hoping to see some relief ....

    Neuropathic pain is ruthless Unfair .....

    ************************************************** ******
    Often when I think of how I feel physically

    The movie Rocky where Rocky is punching that big 1/2 cow carcass

    That is how I describe my Neuropathic pain Them sound's when he is punching the snot out of the meat
    Dead Meat .....

    Pain is Pain there is bumble bee stings to broken bones and muscle things the big stuff ....

    Some people think the world is going to end With a minor scrape on the elbow then thee are some of us who had Kissed the Road lol and got more than our fair share of Asphalt . And we still keep on going .
    This is the Endurance Rocky symbolizes .

    I really hope something works with this Celebrex or something .

    Hope you all have a pleasent day
    I Sincerely;
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    Looking at it here I noticed no replies / support or advice so probably for now i'll just shy away from this pain forum .


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      It may be that not that many folks are taking Celebrex here.

      I do take it for arthritis pain, but I do not have a SCI...

      It does help me, but I can't say if it will help you or anyone else, since I am not a trained qualified medical professional.

      Best of luck to you, Gypsylady!

      Take care!



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        Hugs to you Gypsy Lady.


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          Be careful Gypsy! Ibuprofen 600mg and Celebrex (not together) was the beginning of my stomach ulcers. It took years for them to heal and I can't take n'saids anymore.

          Seriously Celebrex? You are not 90 and just have arthritis pain. You deserve better medicine.

          You need to have a serious chat with this doctor and if he won't listen find another one.

          I feel your pain too. It never ends and I am turning back into a miserable person again. I have had a good four or so years but I am slipping again.

          I hope you get relief soon.
          T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

          My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown


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            Hi DD thanks I will keep the ulcer info in my mind because I do not need more problems

            I am up late tonight in pain and I didnt take the celebrex

            Youre soo right the pain never ends

            I am mentally trying to block it out which is something hard for me to do but after reading the celebrex info and side reactions it scares me .

            You'd think with all the technology there would be cures for the majority of us with sci or arthritis etc ...

            At this point of everything Somebody slap me lol
            I at least keep my sense of humor
            Just thinking

            Hugs to everyone


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              Gypsy, if your pain is from neuropathy, I kind of doubt if that med is going to do you much good. In no way am I a doctor, but I've never heard of an nsaid doing any good for np pain.

              One of my first doctors tried to get me to take it, and I would'nt do it because of the side affects. I've had ulcers since childhood, they have'nt been bad the last few years and I want to keep it that way. Plus, I heard celebrex was bad for someone with heart issues. Does'nt sound like this doctor knows much about sci pain.


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                I take Celebrex. Most people have a combination of arthritic (in many SCI cases traumatically induced) and neuropathic pain. I believe in my case the Celebrex helps the arthritic/nociceptive component and at the end of the day, I feel better on Celebrex than off it. It is not associated with the cardiac complications that other NSAIDS have (Vioxx, Bextra, e.g.). But I take it in combination with elavil, lyrica.


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                  Hiyaz Everyone
                  Arndog I basically do a Very similar combination as you are using my friend . youre a blessing a very nice down to earth person .

                  Smokymtn memories yes you are 100%very right about my drs not having lot's of experience with sci injuries it is not common in my region . Statistically I am a odd occurance .

                  Because my injury was so fluke and unique there just is not many people in my country area who lived through my accident laying the facts down 100% too many bikers die afteer such a traumatic event .

                  Especially because I survived a horrible motorcycle accident and my particular neck injury was a result of breaking my neck 2 X and busting many other back bones in my spine .

                  I broke my neck 2 x and not many women live after something as devestating as that 2 X

                  My circumstances are even more stranger or unique for better words because I am heavily into free form martial arts there is a mode of concentration that is incorperated in how I channel my focus and thoughts/ pain etc...

                  I am sure my Dr who knows me for ages wouldnt prescribe something that would kill me Right ? I do suffer severly from arthritis , if I dont notice improvements then we go to another avenue of medicine until we balance out my body .

                  Smkymtn Memories I asked my Dr if he had another SCI patient similar to me and he said no so I am on my own in the support system of this grey area of pain . As a matter a fact soon i'll be leading a sci support group at a hospital in my region because of my vast knowledge in psychology > living and getting on after a sci .

                  Being I am a high level SCI survivor I am definitely no quitter . I could have quit long ago but I managed to just deal with everything in small increment's .

                  For a few months many of you here know i've been trying to deal with what I call (Relentless Pain ) This is falling in the categories of Neuropathic Pain and Chronic Pain etc...

                  Arndog I did read tons of medical warnings about Celebrex / lyrica my medicine regimine and I am just following my gut instincts , slowly trying to find a balancing point in my unique pain care routine .

                  Gang as you can see I do give everything I ingest a very thourough investigation because what is good for one patient is not good for another .

                  We can only make the best of the situations life has ahead of us .

                  Gang thank you all from the bottom of my heart
                  Love ya all


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                    Gypsylady, the celebrex for me helps ward off the arthritis inflammation. And also speaking for myself only, my Dr. said that the celebrex in the low dosage form that I take...200 MG/day is not like taking a higher dose.

                    But that's not medical's just what he told me about myself...

                    I can speak first hand about arthritis pain...sometimes it is not just chronic, it is SEVERE...sigh...

                    Take care!



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                      Dear Teena yeppers youre so true Chronic pain / arthritic pain is horrible Let's face it right ?
                      I am on very low dose of celebrex it so hopefully it helps me with my arthritis

                      Personally because of my broken bones / surgeries the Lyrica is helping but once made me feel dopey but in a odd way the lyrica did seem to take off the edge for better terms ...
                      As for my other problems pertaining to my neurological situation all I can say is hang in there and never give up .

                      Dont hold me to any medical advice I only speak of personal experience .

                      Keep Smiling and hugs to ya all


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                        Took my Celebrex and Lyrica Last night I didnt sleep at all but just able to rest some until about 4 morning , I noticed Lyrica and Celebrex tend to make me feel slow in a round about way but keeps me going so today I went cold turkey without anything and i'll try making it through the night dry .
                        I only took 2 bc powders earlier .at lunch
                        So I am trying to keep my mind open and think positive soon medditate , read a book some before resting .Trying to sleep a decent night of sleep . lmao