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Blame not Cologne or Colon but The Validation of Conbstipation

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    Blame not Cologne or Colon but The Validation of Conbstipation

    Sometimes Pain Relief = Constipation

    Upon reading the perco / darvo Cet posts or thread I felt a bit cramped so thinking about these substances made a huge impacted impression on some evaluations .

    This can vary from person to person but personally I couldnt put a blame or point the finger as puns to anyone as to why SHIT sometimes happens or why SHIT doesnt happen .

    Now without being overly sensitive to the signifigance of the sigmund colon dilemna most any individual using certain pain medications surely knows that in the enclosed leaflets that come with the elements or product,s are possible side efffects and CONSTIPATIPION are on that list .

    The Constipatipion word has a huge empacted impression on how stool is evacuated Via Hardness or Density .

    If one wanted to further the validitity of hardness Newton meters could be a possible way of substanciating the Stool Density via a striking blow on a piece of SHIT / Excrement and so forth .

    Dependence = a personal mental necessity and ailment possibly a disease . A blame is just a hypothetical guess to a accusation without validitity . One would need certain substancial proof and logistic documentation both scientifically and physically as to the reason a shitty accusation would hold any point of relevance . Maybe numerous random Excrement density tests would be of sighnigance to substanciate a bust a myth . Still Acusation is a personal attack or opinion aimed at another .

    Blaming someone harshly does not hold binding criteria that binds SHIT .
    To evacuate Excrement is a good subject but constipation is irrelevant to blaming ones lifes misfortunes on Dependence so to sumthe Constipation pain medication retaliation the only one responsible for what one does is thyself and only thyself some how shit happens !

    Accusing someone of SHIT is basically SHIT or TIHS Backwards .
    When one accuses another of a dependence fault there needs substancial proof and SHIT holds no responsibility to why someone need's a fix .

    Pain is a feeling a sensation of sort's .

    Addictive personalities are a mental ailment and the main only objective to this necessity is individual need's .

    Before one can accuse someone of SHIT there should be substancial proof of the whole as a whole not dougnut hole .

    GL -
    are you okay?


      Hi arndog yeppers I am ok I wrote that thing based on one of the posts here regarding pain and junk .
      Keep smiling;
      Sincerely ;