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Is there any anti-inflammatory worth a **** out there?

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  • Is there any anti-inflammatory worth a **** out there?

    L4/5, L5/1, L1/2 laminectomy/discectomies, the L1/2 was massive and also managed to sit on my Conus for about a month before the dumb fuck doctors listened to me telling them I thought I had CES before finally getting me an MRI and emergency surgery. L2/3 and 3/4 are torn. Lots of facet arthritic changes, a class D spine at best.

    I've gone the full pain management route, but have been told that a rhizotomy won't help because the majority of the pain is from very severe arthritis. For that reason, oxycontin doesn't really help much without massive dosing, which you all know brings a whole host of other issues. It helps the pain, but does zip for the inflammation, so I don't move around much better.

    I work out to the best of my abilities-exercise bike daily, 200 pushups, pullups 3x a week to open up the spine, which does a lot to open up the spine and alleviate all the impinged nerves. But the arthritis is a bitch. Seems that Celebrex is no better than tylenol or ibuprofen. Anyone know about an anti-inflammatory that might do more without massive heart attack/stroke risks?

    thanks, Marc.

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    Excedrin! I tell people to get it all the time. It's a combination of tylenol, aspirin, and caffeine.

    It doesn't sound like much, but trust me, I still get small highs after taking it for five years.


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      Unfortunately the higher risk of stroke and heart attack seems to go hand in hand with the Cox 3 drugs. I was taking a wonderful anti-inflammatory called VIOXX and took it for about 3 years before being pulled off of it due to said side effects. I do believe that they still prescribe it only in extreme cases though where the benefits outweigh the risks. I wish I could take it again as I have not found another one that has made such a remarkable difference. I have run the gamut and settled on Tenoxicam as the replacement. It does help some and seems to be about the easiest on the gut not like some others. Not sure if this helps but my 2 cents anyway. Good Luck in finding something that works for you.
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        Naprosyn....... It used to be only by script but now you can get it over the counter. You can still get it through your doctor at higher strengths.

        It did wonders for me many years ago. I would look into it and see if it can help.

        Good Luck!!!



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          I'm on piroxicam. It's known for being a little hard on the stomach for many folks, but I can tolerate it well unless I get on something else at the same time that also causes problems. Due to that I had to come off of it for a few months last year.

          I asked a pharmacist at Sam's Club whether that was on their $4 refill plan and he said it's not, but he often gets doctor approval to switch people to meloxicam, so that might be another one worth checking.


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            I personally like Voltaren. It comes in pill & cream doses.


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              prednisone and indocin are the only two that ever work for me.what type of arthritis do you have?biologics work very well for some.


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                Originally posted by quad79 View Post
                I personally like Voltaren. It comes in pill & cream doses.
                this is what i'm given.