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Pain Management - continuing education

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    Pain Management - continuing education

    For anyone who is interested, Discovery health channel has a continuing medical education program (for medical professionals, they get credit towards the amount of education they need by watching the program) on pain management next weekend:

    6 am saturday 12/19
    5 am sunday 12/10

    Those are central time.

    I believe they said it was on the appropriate use of opiates.

    I have it set to record - it should be very interesting to see what they have to say, to educate our physicians.

    I strongly feel pain management is an area many many physicians and hospitals need to improve on. The ignorance of pain, and the necessitity of relieving that pain, is amazing at times.

    I will be very interested to see if I am delighted to watch the program, or spitting mad.

    In the past I tried digging a little to try to find out how you can get something qualified as credit for continuing ed. It would be great to get some materials on central pain out there.


      Overall, I thought the program was excellent. I wish all doctors would watch it.

      Some patients considering opoid therapy might benefit as well.

      The only thing, they spent a lot of time talking about possible misuse, addiction, etc. While these are perfectly valid concerns, and I really appreciated how they dealt with them - they did not emphasize enough, imo, that this was not a common problem.

      Interestingly, and importantly, they did emphasize that even if someone was a high-risk patient, even with a past or current addiction, they still should be treated for pain with opoids if necessary - just that additional therapies and precautions need to be taken.

      They also made the point that for some patients (they were talking about cancer patients) - the right dose is the one that works for the patient. Whatever that is.

      Overall, those were three very compassionate and caring doctors on the discussion!

      If anyone is interested, it will be on again tomorrow (at some ungodly hour) and can be seen online at: