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    That scale Alan posted is laughable -- those levels are so low that a regular old, non-migraine headache could be described as a seven or even an eight. This must be the scale used by those doctors out there who hand out pain meds like Halloween candy.

    I found one one that listed 9, as pain so bad you think you are dieing.
    And 10 as pain so bad you wish you WERE dead. (It started w/ a 1 being annoying, but you could ignore it, and went from there.)
    This is similar, but not quite the same, as my personal definitions for a nine and a ten:

    Nine (9) is pain so severe that you're afraid you'll die.

    Ten (10) is pain so severe that you're afraid you won't die.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar


      Well, I wish I would die, so it's a 10 on that scale.

      Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


        I remember what my pain felt like when I first felt it. It felt like someone lit my legs on fire and I was screaming. I think that was three weeks after I got hurt. The only way the pain would go away as if I watched somebody put a wet towel down on my leg and that was about it. I don't think it's changed much since then as far as the feeling goes but my pain changes depending on the weather, what I drink, what I eat, if the North Star is lined up with the moon, if the Earth axis tilts just a little bit, or if that guy on the other side of the world Falls down too hard. I don't know what the hell changes it but some days it's a lot worse than others, running an average of 6/10, never going to low oh 4/10. I've felt 10/10 when I've gotten autonomic dysreflexia so I know it's not that bad, but it can get pretty bad and pretty distracting. I'll tell you one thing that's really helped it, quitting smoking. When I smoked it was always 9/10 but since I've quit it's nowhere near as bad. I even took all the pain meds out of my baclofen pump, they weren't that effective after a little while anyways.
        C-5/6, 7-9-2000
        Scottsdale, AZ

        Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.


          On that scale, my apin is past 10, but to me it's a 4. Everyone experiences pain differently.