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I'm tired of this #$%&-ing pain!!!!

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    Originally posted by dejerine View Post
    I just see anger (at God or anything else) as kind of one of the stages of acquiring central pain. Animals roar with pain, and man is an animal.
    That is the reason I started this post so we have a place to ROAR!!!!! Sometimes it feels good to just holler FUCKKKKK!!!!!

    No offense meant to anybody.

    Again..... This is a place where people that need to vent can do so without judgement. Without being called whiners or weak or anything like that.

    Neuro pain sucks. Central Pain SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!

    L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!


      I choose not to say the " f " word because I'm a gentlemen.
      I will say my gosh darn foot hurts!



        Gunnslinger..... Thanks for your comment. I know this may be confusing to you but I choose not to say the "f" word in my everyday life as well. Whether I am a gentleman... well I leave up to others to decide.

        I have a teenage son and I am trying to be a good example for him and to me that includes keeping a leash on the most dangerous weapon I own.... MY TONGUE!!

        This thread is not about the "f" word. I do not have to say "f" to vent my frustrations but sometimes it helps and thus I can come to this thread which I created for that purpose. I know I can come here without fear of judgement from others and say whatever I want in venting about this affliction that most of us have in common. PAIN!!!! More specifically NERVE PAIN!!!!! I also know that those that are here most probably know where I am coming from because they suffer from the same affliction. I have politely asked those that would judge others for anything that they might say in venting to move to one of the other multitude of threads available to post their opinions about profanity and/or morality. (I am not targeting your comment as judgemental!)

        My desire is for this to be a judgement free zone.

        I know there are times when the most gentlemanly gentleman or gentile lady wants to let loose and holler without restriction to relieve his or her frustrations. This is a safe place to do it where it does not hurt anybody. If cutting loose for you is saying "my gosh darn foot hurts" then LET IT FLY my friend.

        With all that said I am glad to report that I am having a low pain day so far. I hope other regular posters here are too!!!

        L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!


          Grange, You are always a gentleman. You can say the f word here whenever you like and it would not change my opinion.
          Sometimes a little cussing is good for what ails a person.


            Damn Hurricane!!!
            T7-8 since Feb 2005



              Scientifically swearing CAN help. So swear away!


                Fuck! I fucking love that fucking article for fuck's sake.



                  Grange and others,I have suffered from RSD,also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy or chronic regional pain syndrome,since 2004 when I injured my right knee.After multiple lumbar blocks,injections,enough narcotics to get a city high and offers to cut a sympathetic nerve in my back I was about to throw in the towel because nothing worked.Then I found relief in the form of ancient medicine,Accupuncture!It didn't work overnight but in a few months I was able to stop taking my narcs and live.Yes,I do continue to have some pain but compared to the hell I suffered before, it's minimal.Effort has to be made to find a true healer who is very adept at accupuncture not some fly by night idiot.Grange,I noticed you are from Ga and would be glad to let you have the number of my accupuncturist if you would like.


                    Originally posted by Grange View Post

                    1)I have a teenage son and I am trying to be a good example for him and to me that includes keeping a leash on the most dangerous weapon I own.... MY TONGUE!!

                    2)With all that said I am glad to report that I am having a low pain day so far. I hope other regular posters here are too!!!

                    1)I need to tighten up too. I was just thinking that my newest nephew turned 1 month old yesterday so I have 11 more months to clean it up b4 his "impressionable" years .lol. I can't stand wee lil cussers for some reason, yet I do it?

                    2) That's great. Those days are hard to find. Yay 4 you!

                    I found the greatest PT that found the cause of some my severe shoulder/neck pain. Screw drs to know anything. This pain required me to put pressure right under the base of my skull and @ x's forced me to lay flat bc I couldn't hold me head up....spazzy knots around my occiputul(?) nerves. I got the most intense massage that killlllled my CP areas when touched but the after it was done, my upper body felt better than it has for a long time. My skin is still sore though, 6 days later and I was back to hurting in 3. Seeing her 2x/wk and in hopes we can kick this pain w/ strengthening exercises and massage.

                    On another note, the Amitriptyline's and increases in Gab aren't making me sleepy anymore. That's good to take the am edge off but by night, my tolerance just has me @ square 1.


                      Thanks SUthin Man... I have tried accupuncture. I gave it a three month shot with a highly regarded accupuncturist here in Columbus, GA where I live. I do think I actually got a small amout of relief from it however each visit was $45 minimum and not covered by insurance so I could not justify paying for the small amount of relief I got. Thanks for the report though and I am glad it is helping you.

                      Q79... You better clean up your filthy a$$ mouth you F+++ing 81tcH. (Please take this as the joke it is meant to be!!!) Anyway.... I get a 2 hour massage every two weeks and I feel better right when she gets through than any other time in my life right now. I get pretty good benefit from it for about 3 days, same as what you said, and then it starts to go away. After a week I am ready for another massage but I cannot afford to go every week.

                      I truly believe that if I could go 2x per week like you are that I could reduce my meds significantly. What does not make sense to me is that the massages are WAY cheaper than the meds but the ins. company won't pay for massage even though it is effective. Don't get me started!!!!!

                      Hope everybody gerts a good nights rest.

                      L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!


                        Originally posted by smokymtn memories View Post
                        HipCrip.....I so know how you feel girl! The storms and the heat are the worst! I've been stuck indoors all summer......hell....even if it cools off, I still won't be able to do much until these legs heal. Two weeks ago I laid on my right arm long enough to stop the blood I can't use my right hand. I'm right postcards are just sitting in front of me. I can't write a dam thing yet. I get so bored...and I miss writing. It takes my mind off of things. I guess I'm lucky I'm able to two finger type! I've done this to my left side before, but never my right. I hope I never do it again! Will be thinking of you.....
                        I miss your cards, though you know I never respond. You have such a kind heart! I was forced to become a lefty. tho I still write w/ my right. You've seen the illegible results! I type w/ 1 finger, 1 thumb and a thumb knuckle. My Nazi-model typing teacher in 8th grade would be so proud.

                        @ THC: This is the first time I remember anybody mentioning rectal pain. It plagues me SO BAD. And somehow my ass is connected to my feet, and lately my hands.

                        I've been so sedentary due to heat (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) that I can't sleep. What fresh hell is this?
                        Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


                          Good to see you out and about Beth. I hate the thought of having to use my left hand.....but I might have to...especially if I keep messing up my right! Yesterday, I could'nt even use the mouse....that is on Thursday. I keep forgetting when I'm up all night, it's the next day after midnight. I've begun to hate this chair I live in. Can't remember the last time I actually went to bed.

                          I remember the last time I had to tell my neurosurgeon where the neuropathy bothered me the most.....well, besides the obvious feet, legs, hands.....I hurt so bad that day...I told him he could add the toosh and who who to that list! Thanks to my neck and lower back surgeries, laying in bed is not easy! Now add that wonderful neuropathy to my toosh and who who...and you can't stand sitting anymore either! What am I suppose to do? Hang from the ceiling like a dam bat!

                          Sleeping in this office chair is how I creamed my arm! It's a little hard to find a comfortable position!

                          This summer heatwave is our brand new hell! I can't wait for fall weather to come! I can't even breathe in this heavy humidity with this blasted copd. I just had to take a bunch of potassium because of low levels....I suppose I'd better have her check my vitamin D level next......since I never see the sun shine anymore! Blinds are always shut to keep the heat out! I told Jim I feel like a dam mole must feel....I'll need sun glasses to protect my eyes when I go out!
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                            i have had bad burning pain in my legs from the time i've been hurt. i have only found one thing that actually works. i have severe insomnia and the dr. prescribed ambien. i noticed if i stayed awake it would relieve my pain most of the time. i'm not advocating anything but when you hurt bad enough yer willing to try anything i might suggest i was having problems sleeping and talk with my dr. 3-4mg works for me. the pills i get are 5mg i just bite off a tiny piece of the pill and let it fall back in the bottle. i have no idea what prolonged use has / could have done and i don't care. of course 1 pill only lasts 5 hours or so but i don't want to ask her to increase the dose as she might not want to, might want to switch to another med etc. i don't want any chance she might take me off of it.
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                              torval - I'm with you. Here's to ambien to get a respite from the burning fires at night! I have taken ambien/zolpidem for 9 years post SCI with unrelenting burning - I am a cheap date too and a low dose of 5 mg does the trick. The dose necessary has not increased over the 9 years. If half that dose works for you, that is great. I wouldn't care either and your doc shouldn't either. I am sorry you are worried that you may not have access to this safe medication from your physician.


                                Oh I have never had to use this thread, but tonight I do. There is no one to share this with locally who hasn't heard the same complaints over and over and I have exhausted the compassion and listening ears of those nearby. "Is there anything I can do right now to help?" just doesn't seem to help.

                                I awoke at 4am with butt burning that usually hits at 4pm at which point I only have 5 more hrs to go before the end of the day. So this is the start of a bad day, increased meds, some screaming inside and out to the walls and my dogs. My flaccid bladder then decides to contract (last time it did so was 4 yrs ago), and there is a smell of a dead cow coming out of my Hartman's pouch ( rectal blind pouch after colostomy) which required tending to which flairs up the NP pain in the butt.
                                So what I am trying to say here is &*^^&***%$%^ this pain.