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Morphine sulfate ER 4 x a day

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    Morphine sulfate ER 4 x a day

    It seems to be working. 30mg every 6 hours and my hot flashes have decreased to about 4 a day and having the pain under control they are mild ones.

    I took the suggestion and my doctor and I agreed this could work. Thanks for the input all of you. This is a great place to get help.

    Without change, there would be no butterflies.

    I've tried most strong opiates like Morphine Sulphate, Oxycontin, Methadone, Buprenophine etc.
    I feel that all have thier place and at least one will/must suite someone.
    Your body may take some time to adjust as will it become deppendant and need a higher dose to reach the same/right results.
    As for the hot flushes..... do you think they're something to do with your meds or a different issue all together?
    I sometimes get hot cheeks and my meds help if anything?

    Everyones different I suppose.

    All the best.
    C-5 incomplete , walking with crutches. In controlled pain. Respect to all SCI people.