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Decompressive Laminectomy

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    Decompressive Laminectomy

    As the title states, I have finally been given a surgery date of next Wednesday!! WaHoo!!! Have been waiting just about three years for this date. Saskatchewan/Canadian health care gotta love it!! Wondering what to expect... can anyone shed any light or thoughts here? I am told barring unforseen circumstances, that this will be done as a day surgery, meaning I will be released the same afternoon as surgery and sent home to recouperate. Here goes.........................
    BigBossMan Wuz Here.....

    I had a cervical laminectomy posterier done almost three years ago, c-4-5-6. Pins and the whole nine yards. I've heard of people getting out the same day, but I had to stay for three or four days, I think I got out the morning of the fourth day. Mine had gotten pretty bad before I had surgery, the surgery took a little over four hours to do the repair work.

    Like they said, barring any problems, you'll be up and around by the end of the day. You'll go home with rx's for pain, maybe muscle relaxants too, but I'm sure you'll spend more time in bed than up for awhile.

    I don't know if this helped or not, is there anything specific you wanted to know?


      Hey bossman,
      A lot depends how many segments are getting decompressed. 1, 2, 4, 6? Do you know in your case which segments are getting decompressed? Probably not many if they anticipate that you could go home the same day....


        Supposed to be L5/L6. But just got the dreaded phonecall yesterday from the Dr.'s office cancelling surgery scheduled for Wednesday. At least I didn't suffer to make the drive and then sit in the hosp. for 4 hours only to be told there is no room or something like that. Seems that the anesnetist (sp.?) wants to do some testing on me prior to surgery due to my sleep apnea. Says he will not put me under until that has been done I wait again. Getting a bit disappointed in more and more delays for this to happen. I am quite hopeful that this surgery will be of great benefit if all goes well and will allow me some movement after just about three years post injury! Does anyone know if this type of surgery could be done with only a local? or does one have to be put under?
        BigBossMan Wuz Here.....



          hey, soory you've been pushed out.

          Re local for a laminectomy. Definitely not for the faint hearted. I had to have my stim pads sewn into my spinal column and in order to properly place it they did it with a local.

          I have an extremely high pain tolerance. I still feel it but can keep it in, was long time martial art competitor and military.

          It sucked. Unfortunately they had to run the wires about 10-12 inches under the skin to the stim device so it pushed me to the limit.

          If they won't do general go local but you need to see the anesthesioligst (murdered that) anyway so see what hell do. I have sleep apnea and for the last fusion they did a general. I was 52-53 and the older the less likely but...


          good luck no matter, if you go local pm me and I'll try to give advice on pain control.



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            I'd be real surprised if they did that with a local. I've had surgery done with a local, but don't think I'd want that one done that way. I think I prefer the ole "wake me up when it's over"!



              Sorry for the delay. Anxiety sucks. My experience has taught me, if you can go under, then gooooo, waking up is then the only time you'll experience the pain and by that time the rx's should be kickin' in. I've had 7-8 with locals and 4 with sleepy juice. My fusion c3-4-5, was fine until I woke up. Then the onslaught of rx's started. And, you go back to sleep. I have pulminary fibrosis ,apnea and am on O2 at night, and have had no probs with anesthetics, except from one that was not very experienced. Just like everything, it depends on the doc you get. The more experience ones seem to have more confidence. So, maybe this meeting is a good thing in that you can see if the doc is confident with your situation. Don't be shy. Tell the doc what you expect. Good wil be over soon.
              No matter how cynical I try to be, I just can't seem to keep up with how bad things really are!


                Have not heard anything when this testing will be so here I sit. Waiting patiently. NOT!! LOL!!! I just want this to go well and soon. What is the name they have for me Type A personality. Everything has to be black or white, and real not imagined, etc. I just don't think I could one handle the pain of surgery whilst awake like my old man did when they took out his appendix! Yes he WANTED to be awake to see it. Crazy. And second I am not sure how I would react if during surgery, I heard "oops" or "damn that's not good" or something along those lines! I am actually quite glad after some of the recent replies that this anesthnetist wants to do testing prior to putting me under. Not sure I have all my papers in order if I bite the big one. To Bollefen quote: "I have an extremely high pain tolerance. I still feel it but can keep it in, was long time martial art competitor and military." I am way too soft for this anymore. My prev. employment was sitting at a desk for 4-6 hrs a shift X 7 days a stretch. Kinda starting to look like the Pilsbury Doughboy as of late. Haa Haa!! Thanks for replying so quickly to my last post all of you I really appreciate the advice and knowledge shared on this site!!! CC Forums ROCK!!!

                BigBossMan Wuz Here.....