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    Has anyone tried metanx for nerve pain?

    Yes, I was just given some samples the other day from my Neurologist. I have been taking one pill a day for 3 days now and I know it is probably too soon to be working. But the burning sensations (from small fiber PN) in my feet have gone way down.


      I thought this was interesting from the metanx web site. " Metanx® also works to assist in nerve functions including production of the myelin sheath, a fatty substance that protects the nerve fibers."


        Neurologists are not uncommonly looking at B12 and folate supplements to reduce homocysteine, which seems to correlate with disease in parkinsons, which is a kind of neurodeterioration. Matanx is one combo with B12 and folate and more. Reduction of homocysteine with B12 and folate has also been attempted in heart disease.

        The experts are finally defining long term potentiation as opposed to central sensitization. (No specific definition of Central Pain has been given although by convetion, it is defined as the pain which occurs after injury to the spinothalamic tract). Undoubtedly, many with spinal cord injury have damage to other tracts, such as the spinocerebellar etc. so not all post SCI pain is synonomous with "Central Pain".

        Ci fibers mediate slow pain, or the hypersensitized pain. C fibers are small unmyelinated or thinly myelinated fibers which tend to run up the cord in Rexed Layer II, (aka substantia gelatinosa) although the cells in the most superficial layer, Rexed Layer I are also termed C fibers, also marginal layer fibers. At the cord, the C fibers recruit the large fast A, and A delta fibers--this constitutes hypersensitization.

        Long term potentiation, a term which may occur at the dorsal root ganglion (peripheral nervous system,, or further in, of C fiber synaptic activity is a function of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Type I. Other MGluRs do not partcipate in LTP. Homocysteine has been considered as having an effect on MGluRI via Matalloproteinases. Homocyeteine also seems to correlate with stiffness in atherosclerotic blood vessels.

        Central Sensitizations is commonly defined as a peripheral injury moving to the CENTRAL nervous pathways.

        NONE of these matters is well worked out. Clinical studies showing lowering homocysteine by B12 fail to correlate with clinical course. The reasons for this are being studied.

        I find your comment on Matanx to be interesting. Please keep us posted. Right now, no one could offer any mechanism to explain the benefit to you, but there is enough activity going on in research about this that it bears watching.

        Bear in mind that folate is one of the vitamins which can be fat stored and hence overdosed. So use this under the direction of a physician, not on your own. Also remember that folate and folinic acid are not the same thing.
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          I just picked up my husbands prescription today, so we will see how it goes.