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Pain RE: surgery site, pain meds to control spasams

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    Pain RE: surgery site, pain meds to control spasams

    Hi all

    It has been awhile since I have been on this site and was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem I am experimenting. I had surgery c-5 c-6 June 99 and most recent December 2007 to drain fluid in spinal cord due to a syrinix and they replaced all the hardware in the rear adding plates and screws from c-3 to c-7 level. Why does my surgeon tell me that my pain will go away after a few weeks of surgery? The other thingis that all he wants me to take is advil , motrin or equivalant for pain. Thank god for my Rehab doctor and pain meds I do not even bother discusing the pain and spasams with my surgeon anymore. Is it my surgeon or do others find the same from there surgeon?
    Can anyone tell me if they have moderate to severe pain from the surgery area that has lasted for a long time if not permanent pain from all those plates and screws? I have had pain since my surgery and what I found more iritating then the pain is the tone and spasams I get when I do not take my pain meds. I have zanaflex and valium for the spasams and tone though I find that it makes me drowsey so I only take it at night though if I take my pain meds I have almost no spasams and almost no tone why is this? Has anyone every had similar situation? I have been dealing with this for quite some time and really want to figure out why I am getting so much relief from the spasams and tone when addressing the pain issue. Also maybe someone that has bad spasams and tone may want to ask there doctor if the pain meds would help. Has anyone come across this problem and what was there solution?
    Also I want to ask what has helped those with pain. I think I have tried eveything sometimes feeling like a guine pig. I have tried bachlophen, Neurontin, Morphine, Avinza, Hydrrocodone, Percocet, and Oxicontin over the years no not all at once the only medication that has worked well and I have always gone back to it was the duragesic patch though not happy with the generic and Actiq that I currentley use. I swear by the Actiq I do not know why I am not sure where it falls on the strength/potency in reguards to other meds though it has been the medication that has worked best for me for pain and getting rid of the spasams and tone. Will the pain go away or will I have to be on meds long term? I though this last surgery would have fixed my problems but no luck.
    Has anyone heard of any studies reguarding pain contributing to increased spasams and increased tone? I do not like going to the doctor and telling him that the only thing that controls my spasams and tone is pain meds maybe I am watching to much of the show Intervention. Why is it we feel guilty abouth asking for pain meds and why do doctors have a problem giving them out for legitamte pain issues? Especially the surgeons after surgery if it was them laying there I doubt they would pop a couple of advil. If I have any other problem they have no problem writting them scripts for high boold pressur meds, Colesteral, Migraine, depression, etc or is it just me.
    If anyone has had relief or think pain is contributing to there spasams/tone and has any sugestions for relief I am curious to find out what has helped? I am always looking to improve mt quality of life and find that asking others with my same problems is best.


    Hi Mark,

    I find that my left leg goes into rhythmic spasms when I am experiencing pain in a part of my body where I have nerve damage -- it's like my own personal warning system that something is wrong in areas where I might not be able to detect it until it's too late. (As uncomfortable/awkward as the spasms are, they are way better than having AD.) The last time this happened was immediately post-op after I had my baclofen pump replaced. When this happens, the only thing that stops the spasms are pain meds.

    Pain meds don't, however, help me any with tone/spasticity relief -- if only they did!

    Interesting question -- I look forward to hearing answers from others.

    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar


      getting rid of Spasams and tone

      Thc thanks I do hope to here from other because I cant understand why pain adds to my spasams and tone and then the pain meds get rid of them completly. There must be a study out there reguarding spasams and pain. Hopefully I will find some answers for myself and others.