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My Pain Doctor in WA state Raided, I am without my meds! Help!?!

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    I know this is an old thread

    Originally posted by bigriverlakes View Post
    Were you ever able to get help with this? We are new to Washington and have bought a home in Aberdeen so its to late to change our minds and go some where else. My husband and I both have chronic back pain and am on pain medications for that. But are not able to find a doctor in or around Aberdeen that is able or willing to prescribe those medications. Since we have been taking them for ten years more or less. Stopping is not an option. Anyone that can help us by referring a doctor to us would be greatly appreciated. A private reply would be good.
    But I'm in the same position. Wondered if you ever found a Dr. I recently moved to WA and can't find any Dr's who will even take new chronic pain patients.