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Nortriptyline withdrawal?

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    Pemalor withdrawl

    I have been taking 10mg/day for three weeks and I hate it. Can I just stop taking it since it has been a short time? Thx


      Just started nortripyline

      I fell hard in the middle of a flip and landed on my neck. I went 5 weeks with out any meds, then finally went to my doctor. I am now taking mussel relaxer, naporsyn and nortripyline. I am up to 2 10mg a night at bed time. I feel much better physically, but am concerned that I will need to take meds forever to feel ok.


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          I was on 10mg of Endep many years ago right at the beginning of my journey with chronic pain. When the chronic pain got much worse, the first pain specialist that I had raised it up to 150mg! I must say that I slept well back then! Whether it did much for the pain, I am not really sure because I was on other meds as well.

          About 6 months later I saw another pain specialist and he wanted to change the Endep to Nortriptyline because he thought it would have fewer side effects (mainly constipation). My memory is a bit hazy on this but I think I weaned off the Endep first. However I didn't find that the Nortryptiline did anything so I stopped taking it. It could have been that it disagreed with me. However, everyone will have different reactions to things, so it might be an idea to run it by your Dr. and see whether maybe there is an alternative. It's not much good taking something that is making you feel worse. Especially if you are not sleeping either. I always reckon that a good night's sleep is gold when it comes to pain levels.