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6th lumbar vertebra and overly big transverse processes....

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  • 6th lumbar vertebra and overly big transverse processes....

    I recently found out that I have a 6th lumbar vertebra and the transverse processes of L6 is twice or 3x the size of a normal transverse process. I guess I have had it since birth, but up until this year, I had no back problems like I have now, at all......

    I used to take prednisone low dose for about 7 months but only noticed the back pain after I went off of them. (Don't think cortisone would be the cause of back pain, or could it in rare instances)?
    My symptoms are as follows:

    a) It started with massive pain (like a wood board hitting) below my rib cage. Had manual therapie and that pain went away.

    b)Now i constantly have back pain that is starting at the waist going down....into my thighs sometimes, but only more noticeable if i wanna do some stretching. The one that really bothers me is that if I do walk too much, sit for too long, or even lie too long, my feet seem to swell up (NOT like water retention). Just swelling overall. And the pain in the feet on the outer side of them. I sometimes even think my whole waist down to my hip is sometimes swollen.........but maybe i am just imagening.
    I also feel pain in my lower back constantly and it seems to affect the tendons going to the hip and/or into the stomach.

    Anyways, my question is and i hope i don't sound stupid, but:

    Can transverse processes of a vertebra swell up twice its size?
    The reason why i am asking is that although my orthopedist did some manipulation on me (chiropractic) on the lumbar spine, my pain ain't away.
    Feet pain is still there, and if i move my lower back weird, I totally feel that somethin is swollen in my lower back and the pain shoots into my buttocks occasionally.

    Sorry for my silly question, but i cannot believe no one noticed first of all my 6th lumbar vertebra, and secondly the abnormal size of its transverse processes. I had bone density scans done several times (I'm age 33).
    Are the bone density scans interpreted wrong then, or does it not matter cause they are counting the vertebrae from the bottom up?

    Thanks in advance for any input!!!