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  • Spinal Cord Stimulation

    Has anyone had any experience with Spinal Cord Stimulation? My daughter in law is looking into it. It is the Precision Spinal Cord Stimulator. Discription: Pain is an electrical signal that travels along nerve fibers through the spinal cord to the brain. The Precision Plus System masks these pain signals by delivering doses of electricity to change the pain signal into something the brain interprets as a pleasant sensation called paresthesia. People describe paresthesia as feeling like a gentle tingling or massage. There is a trial period before the devise is implanted to see if it works for you. She is hopeful it might help with feet and butt pain. Just wondered if anyone had tried this. Thanks

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    This has come to be an "option" for me as well, versus, baclofen pump or morphin pump or heavier drugs, I want to live. I have too much going on, I am back in college, have a family. How are the meds. going to affect your organs in 10-20 yrs? There has to be other ways.
    So, anyway, the neuro. said this was something to consider, only about $15,000, there lies the problem, costs of everything.
    I have been googling anything I come across or "see" others talk about and educate myself on the + - and learn as much as I can what may be available to best help myself with the least amount of "drugs".
    Hopefully, others will be able to add their experiences with this good or bad. Good luck either way. This is a really difficult road, regardless and is very painful, all you want to find is help/relief!
    "I've got to keep breathing. Because tomorrow, the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?"


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      Thanks for your responce. She has the same concerns. She is a T6 SCI, only 37 with an active life that is difficult when she is in so much pain. I think she will be trying this the middle of Aug. We live in the phoenix area.


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        About six years ago I tried a stimulator for pain in my feet and legs. They were not able to provide as much coverage as they wanted to because they could not place the leads in such as way to accomplish that. I understand there has been a lot of improvement since then and greater coverage is possible. The paresthesia mentioned for me caused a problem with walking. The doctor said I would get over it in time, but I decided to not take the chance. Others that I have spoken with tell me that this is not a long term solution because the benefits reduce as time goes on. Suggest you go through the trial, nothing to lose.


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          I had a bracchial plexus injury to my left shoulder in 1996. I had numerous nerve blocks, acupuncture, tons of different meds, and nothing worked.It felt like someone slammed a sledgehammer on top of my shoulder blade and it felt like there was a vicegrip around my armpit. I have medtronic scs put in by neurosurgeon at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA. Life is now good after scs put in October 2003. I would definitely do it again, and may have to after slipping a disc in my back over a year ago and having no luck again.


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            I have one.

            The devices are not created equal. Each company has their type of device. Your doctor will use the company he likes best. Educate yourself on them. I have a Medtronic dorsal colum stim and with my hardware the doc was unable to place it in the right spot.

            She will get a trial of the stim device. A thin wire is inserted at the level needed for coverage. They can leave it in for 1 or 2 days as a trial. Medtronic, St Jude, and Guidant all have devices. The cost is much higher than 15k.
            Feelin good is good enough!


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              search this forum for scs , i have a precision plus implant in november, lami implant, not a epidural, 8 paddle rather than a wire, no use on reducing my type of nerve pain
              cauda equina


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                Suggest you try things more natural like vitamin supplements and a magnetic mattress pad. My son is a c-6 quad incomplete and has been sleeping on a 20 gauss magnetic mattress pad for over 18 months. He takes NO pain meds and only 2 prescriptions for spasms. Even the prescriptions dosages are on the decline. He takes about 15 different supplement and the magnetic pad is negative field only. Go to or info. They are made and shipped from Canada. There is a serious difference in types of pads sold around the country. MAKE sure that the pad will only deliver the negative field as the positive field will cancel out the benefits of the negative field. The positive field in of itself is harmful.