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2nd Selective Nerve Root Block

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    Constant Pain Please Help

    I have a bulging disc and sciatica. I am in constant pain. No medications, my dr does not believe in giving pain meds. I am having a nerve root block tommorrow. I have had cortizone shots that have not worked. I am too the point that I can not function anymore due to the pain. I have numbness and tingling in my right leg. Which makes it hard for me too walk. Do these nerve root injections really help or are they just another way to prolong the pain? I have been like this for the last 5 months and I can not take anymore. If you have any advice I would appreciate it.


      gabby70, The injections helped me but only temporarily. That is to say, that within a few days I was exectly back where I started off. For some, as in above postings, and other threads, they are successful in treating someone with the symptoms you describe. I can't say I would be willing to get another one though. I have to travel 250 miles one way by car/van as My wonderful ins. co. WCB will not pay for someone to travel with me. The hosp. will not release me alone, someone has to be there with me or they keep me overnight for observation. So it is a long an painful drive. I know exactly what you describe, I have been feeling this way since 2006!! I would however suggest seeing another doc. You have to have something to aleiviate the pain. I can't imagine going 5 mo without anything besides Acet. or Ibupro. Are you still working while feeling this way? was this a work related injury or?? Just some background would be helpful is all. Give the injections a try if you want, I can't recommend either way but they are no help to me.
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        It sounds like what you are having done is a selective nerve root injection. They work and worked for me in the cervical spine. It was the two ESI's I had that did NOT work in the lumbar. I wish you well with the injection. Just know that there may be an increase in pain for a few days. I usually put a cold pack on after they are done and rest for that day. I should add that my husband has had both; ESI's and SNRI's for his lumbar and he has gone for a year before without having to another. I think the last one he had was an SNRI and it has almost been a year come to think of it. But, today, I have to call his spinal PM to see what can be done...the pain is coming back. Good luck with your injection and I hope you get some relief.


          Yes it is a work injury. I was lifting a very good sized patient when it happened. I have been off work for the last 3 months due to the numbness in my leg and the fact that it went totally numb while I was at work. I had the injection today. It took the edge off the leg pain but I am having spasms that are unbelievable. The back pain itself is still the same but a little relief is better then none. The injection dr said he does not understand why they have not just scheduled me for surgery. he does not recommend another injection for me and said he was putting that in the report to my dr. He did not let me leave right away due to the weakness in my leg. Work mans comp is sending me to a fourth dr next week. I guess 3 drs opionons are not enough. The injection dr also said that my disc was putting a lot of pressure on my sciatic nerve. I am so glad that I found this site and people who understand and do not think that I am crazy! I was actually beginning to think that I was. Thank You all very much!