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severe persistent pain following lumbar fusion and removal of hardware

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  • severe persistent pain following lumbar fusion and removal of hardware


    Though my surgeon does not say I have arachnoiditis, my symptoms seem to suggest this. One MRI shows evidence of possible nerve root clumping while another says nothing of nerve clumping. Is there a test to determine arachnoiditis, not including a myelogram which is known to cause or exacerbate the condition. One thing is consistent for both MRIs I took-- scar tissue around the thecal sac. Can this mimic symptoms of arachnoiditis?
    You made mention in one of your e-mails about this German doctor who's doing work on surgical treatment of arachnoiditis. I believe his name is Warnke. Do you know if there's further research into treating this condition with surgery in North America? I don't know if it is proven treatment as yet. In general if the problem is scar tissue, either surrounding the thecal sac or within, what would you say the best treatment is, not including drugs? I've heard of lysis of adhesions? Is this successful?
    I know that invasive proceedures are known to cause more scarring but is the advancement of newer surgeries not far enough along to remove the scar and then treat the area in such a way that the scar does not re-form in the undesired part such as around a nerve root ( so as not to cause a tethering )?