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    DPLA - Natural Pain Killing Power

    Has anyone tried this for neuropathic pain?

    I've read a post on another board where someone did get neuro-pain relief with no side effects, unlike prescription pharmaceuticals.
    DPLA - Natural Pain Killing Power

    What is DLPA?

    DLPA, other wise known as DL-phenylalanine, is an essential amino acid. More specifically, it's a form of the amino acid phenylalanine. Recently, DL-phenylalanine has been getting attention in the medical world for its ability to reduce chronic pain and depression.
    But the research came to this conclusion in a round about way, because it isn't this amino acid that actually does the job, it's endorphins.

    Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are found in the brain. They are your body's natural painkillers that work similar to morphine or codeine. Not only do they relieve pain, they also have been connected to "euphoric" feelings, such as the so called "high" that comes with prolonged, strenuous exercise ("runner's high"). Read more about Endorphins.

    What if, instead of pumping drugs into our bodies to relieve pain, we could use the natural substances that are already there? That was the idea that Dr. Seymour Ehrenpreis had. He found that by injecting DL-phenylalanine he could raise endorphin levels and cut down on pain. And instead of being terribly addictive like morphine, it was non-addictive, non-toxic, has few or no side effects, and got stronger the more it was used.

    Essentially, DLPA slows down the enzymes that "eat up" endorphins. That way, the endorphins have longer to do their work.
    So what exactly is it good for?
    DLPA has been found to be most useful for chronic pain and depression. It has also helped with symptoms of PMS, and even cut down on inflammation. Chronic pain might include back pain, arthritis, pain due to diseases such as cancer, and, of course, headache.

    As you can imagine, this may be a great help for those with chronic headaches and especially migraine. Studies have found that migraine sufferers also have low endorphin levels, which is double trouble when you're trying to fight pain!

    Read this article about DLPA by Dr Ritchi Morris for more.
    How do I take it?
    DL-phenylalanine is available without prescription at health food stores and pharmacies around the world. It's taken as capsules. Talk to your doctor, and read the above articles about dosage information. Most simply it can be taken 1 capsule a day, but your doctor may suggest an off/on schedule since it continues to work after you stop taking it.
    DLPA can be purchased at a good price at online retailers such as vitacost. Be sure you're getting DL-phenylalanine and not L-phenylalanine. Remember, this is a fairly new treatment and your doctor may not be familiar with it. Direct him to the above articles for more information.

    Unlike left-handed, essential L-Phenylalanine, the D- or "right-handed" form of this common amino acid is not actually a nutrient but an amino acid analgesic. It is non-prescription but is rather costly for an effective dose. Practitioners using DLPA (Dextro-Levro-Phenyl-Alanine) normally employ it for chronic pain that is unresponsive to other measures. Arthritis or lower back pain would be examples. While no substitute for medical or chiropractic care, DLPA may well be a most suitable companion.

    The dose of DLPA needed may vary from person to person, and is generally determined by starting with perhaps 1,000 mg daily for two weeks and then gradually increasing to a level that provides relief. If 3,000 mg per day doesn't work after a month's time, it probably will not work at all. About two-thirds of those using it will report real improvement in this time. If they don't, then stop. There is no point in wasting money.

    For this stuff is not cheap. Tablet potency is commonly around 300 to 500 mg, so a person might well need to take quite a few each day. I used to think that DLPA was way too pricey until I saw a few prescriptions where the pills cost several dollars apiece (and this was over a decade ago, long before the even more expensive "Viagra").

    The good news is that persons reporting pain relief will generally be able to LOWER their dose gradually and will often be able to maintain pain-free status with less DLPA than before. It is a bit unusual for an analgesic substance to work BETTER over time and require LESS; the opposite is the rule. (Consider morphine, for instance.) DLPA has a long duration of action yet the body does not seem to build up a tolerance to it.

    You will probably not find just "D-phenylalanine" for sale, hence the focus here on DLPA. It is the D-form that is active; you CANNOT therefore substitute the levro- ("L") form that is so widely found, at far lower cost, in foods and stores. The "L" form will not work. If the bottle does not specifically state its contents as "DL," you can be certain they are just trying to sell you the useless "L" form.

    Our earlier criteria for natural pain relievers included safety and healing value. The safety of DLPA is very good indeed. It is non-addictive and virtually non-toxic. Some estimates place its safety on a par with vitamin C or fructose. Still, it is not to be used during pregnancy. Persons with phenylketonuria (PKU) obviously should not take any extra phenylalanine. Persons with high blood pressure should take DLPA after meals. Outside of these, there are virtually no adverse effects.

    Added value may come from the fact that phenylalanine is converted by the body into phenylethylamine. Low levels of phenylethylamine are correlated with clinical depression; if DLPA raises these levels there is a real biochemical benefit. As a pain-killer, it seems to act by keeping enzymes called enkephalinase and carboxypeptidase A from breaking down the body's own morphine-like natural painkillers, the enkephalins and the endorphins. This makes a lot of sense: if the body relieves its own pain, a safe mechanism is probably at work. DLPA appears to assist that mechanism.

    Research has indicated that migraine, joint pains, neuralgia and even postoperative pain respond to DLPA, and it has been reported to reduce inflammation. DLPA does not deaden normal sensation even when taken for a lengthy period. Prescribed medication usually may still be taken with DLPA without interference. Consult the Physician's Desk Reference ("PDR", found at any doctor's office, pharmacy, or library) for information on any drug you may be taking or considering.

    The most dramatic pain-relief case I have seen was when a friend of mine had a large number of old dental fillings replaced within a short period of time. As a result, he experienced ongoing and severe jaw pain that no pharmaceutical pain-killer could touch, and the dentist tried them all. In desperation, my friend tried DLPA, about 3,000 mg/day. He reported immediate improvement, and truly profound relief shortly thereafter.
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    I'd be interested to know if this works for neuropathic pain too. Wise do you have any thoughts on this???
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      I've been giving this a go. It's been about a week now.
      Pain is about 10-15% better, but not sure, might just be one of those weeks.

      I feel more easily tired though. I'll report back in about a week or two.

      Anyone else out there haver any experience or knowledge of this stuff?



        Well, I think this stuff is working!

        It was raining on and off today in Los Angeles, and I can always tell from 6-2 hours before there is any major shift in barometric pressure. I was working at home and the light got darker and I heard what I thought was the neighbor's sprinkler dousing the hillside near my office. I looked out and it was rain. I couldn't believe it!

        Ever since my accident (5 years +) when the weather changes, especially starts or stops raining, I go nutz! Today was actually quite tolerable and I was even stressed out because of school work overload and being behind, and stress usually nails me to the wall.

        The sleepiness I was feeling earlier during the first week of trying this stuff isn't as bad as it was either. Hopefully it'll level out as well.


        ps Anyone else give this a go yet?
        The guy I read about who has been using DLPA for a few years very successfully and has a very similar injury to mine (Brachial Plexus Injury/Phantom Pain) recommended "Country Life" DLPA 1000mg with vitamin B-6. I got mine from I just didn't want to start the trial with anything different than what had worked for someone else. It's crazy, it's raining again right now, and usually I'm writhing. I pray this stuff works and it's not temporary!

        ohhh... drink enough water with the pills. I didn't and I guess it didn't get all the way down. I burped and a swoon of white mist came bellowing out of my mouth. It freaked me out, because I forgot I'd taken the DLPA pill about 15 minutes earlier. Wish I could do that on command though, it looked really cool.


          Originally posted by Jeepin
          I'd be interested to know if this works for neuropathic pain too. Wise do you have any thoughts on this???
          I had not heard of this before. It is interesting. Wise.


            Can you give us pain-scale ratings, before taking, after a week, after 2 weeks?

            I'd sooo love for this to work. My pain meds are really inconveniencing me, and trying to do without = a match to kerosene torch for my Graves disease. I can't reduce stress with pain in the 7's on a good day. High stress =impaired sleep = high Graves antibodies = increased pain = High stress = impaired sleep = high Graves antibodies = increased pain.....

            I'm in big Graves flare-up here, because I ran out of my opiates. Ankles, feet painfully swollen. Weight falling off. This is such a BS way to live.
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              0 week = 3-8 pain (week just prior)
              1 week = 3-6 pain
              2 week = 2-5 pain

              A week like this, with the weather constantly changing, is usually in the 7-9 zone all the time.

              FYI - 10 is passed out from pain in my scale book. Pain is one of those "friends" I can't seem to lose...
              I've been stabbed (3x), shot, had cancer, broken 20+ bones, and have 2 older brothers.
              None of those have ever gotten me to 9 in my pain rating.
              So I don't take this stuff too lightly.

              No harm in trying... yet. Give it a go, I need some collaborators!

              The taking it on an empty stomach thing is important.
              I'm taking 2,000 mg/day. 1000mg 1st thing in the morning and 1000mg again when I go to bed.

              # For relief of depression: 1,000-1,500 mg a day, taken in the morning.

              # For chronic pain: Up to 1,500 mg daily, taken on an empty stomach.

              Guidelines for Use

              # As with other amino acid supplements, it's best to take DLPA on an empty stomach with water or juice about an hour before meals. High-protein foods, in particular, can interfere with proper absorption.

              # Store in a cool, dry place, such as a closet shelf, away from heat, light, and moisture. (Avoid the humid bathroom medicine cabinet.)
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                I saw it at I may get some at some point.

                Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.


                  i have been trying this since i saw this post, no luck..
                  cauda equina


                    nada here, but oi think my p[ain is really from a different source, i think i have disc matter or scar tissue swelling up at night triggering these extreme pain episodes.
                    cauda equina


                      Gave the DLPA a try over a month ago. Night and Day Difference for me. I'm taking 1,500-2,000mg/day.

                      Butt burns a bit today...that's only because I failed to take pills at night the last couple days. However, it's still much better than it has been.

                      Pain prior to taking DLPA was as high as 8 or 9. Now the highest I've had it I would say is 5.
                      Paralyze resistance with persistence.


                        I am ready to give this a try. Does anyone know if you can take it together with Lyrica? And is 1000 mg a day a good start? Better 1000 mg once a day or 500 mg twice a day? - Any other experiences with this drug so far?


                          Cool I think I'll do some reading and take it.


                            Thanks for another great post, Cljanney. I'll have to talk to my docs about this, the VA is weird about anything they don't carry in their own pharmacy. Won't even let me take melatonin while inpatient, go figure. Would hate to get results with this, then be denied its use also.

                            Keep us posted on your results everyone. Please. Thanks.
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                              I've gone on a two day break from the DPLA to see if I noticed any difference. Pain is back by about 30-50% worse. I'm going to stay off it for the next few days to make sure it isn't anything to do with weather pattern changes (barometric changes seem to severely effect pain levels).

                              I'll report on it again in a couple of weeks, after I've started up on it again.