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    I am so sorry to read about your brother-in-law's injury, but wanted to tell you that you have found a good forum here with caring and knowledgeable people who are quick to share support and information. Welcome to CareCure.


      Thanks everyone. Maybe someday I will get him here to post, but he hates computers. I may have to work on changing his mind.

      Thanks again for your support and kind words.


        Update on my BIL

        Casey (BIL) is now almost 3 months post injury. He's been at Craig for 2 1/2 months, and he seems to be doing quite well. I went out there to visit 2 weeks ago, and I was very impressed. He's come so far in such a short time. He has a lot more sensation below his injury level, some even in his feet. He was originally a C5 complete Asia A, now they are saying his return is more that of a C6 Asia B. They are having some problems controlling his blood pressure (very low without medication), but as long as they leave his meds alone, it seems to be okay. He had the procedure to put in a supra pubic catheter yesterday, so he wasn't feeling too hot today.

        The true test will come in 2 weeks when they come home; his release date is May 1st. My sister will not be doing a lot of his care other than assisting him to bed. They will have 3 hours daily of CNA care for showering, etc., and 3 hours of RN for his bowel program, etc., or at least that's what his caseworker is trying to get for them. We're not sure where he will do his outpatient rehab. as of yet.

        I can't wait for them to come home, but I'm sure it will be really hard at first for all of us.

        Thanks for listening; I'm sure I'll have more questions over the coming weeks.



          That is great news! Coming home is scary but to be home is heaven. Wishing your BIL and sister the best of luck.


            See how much those doctors knew? They are forever telling folks they are complete injuries, then voila. Looks like you figured that out early on. You catch on quick.

            Coming home is a very tough transition. Just remember he is going to get much healthier and stronger. Even if you assume that he will get no more return (just for the sake of discussion)-in 3 years you won't recognize him as the wraith that came home from Craig.

            Remind him to eat well, and that it takes a lot of rest to recover from SCI. Not to mention an ungodly amount of work...We're here when the questions arise. Best wishes to all.
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              Hi Jen....

              It's not unusual for the blood pressure to fluctuate... I am so glad he went to Craig. Coming home is great... at least my hubby (SCI) said so.
              It takes alot of adjustment for everyone but I can say that after almost 3 years, we have settled into a routine and life is good....

              Hopefully, your sis and BIL will sign onto carecure... it has been a great source of support and info for us...