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newbie--2 months post injury

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    newbie--2 months post injury

    My husband and I were in a motorcycle accident eight weeks ago. I am fine, but he broke his neck at C4/C5 and has complete SCI at C6 motor level.

    He has pressure and sensation all over his body--can feel his muscles pulling etc. when doing range of motion, and has good feeling in his rumpus. He felt pinprick there about 1/2 the time. I've done the Babinski test on him. Sometimes his toes curl under, other times big toe goes up slightly. Last Sunday, his triceps woke up and were there and his wrists are coming, but weak. His thumbs and palms are hypersensitive but not much else in the hands.

    We are brokenhearted about his injury. It seems too soon to completely give up hope, but seems time has stalled to a stop. He is a campus minister, and this has really challenged our faith, but we keep praying. I like this forum because it is full of such hope.

    Questions I have are:

    1-his doctor has suggested 4-AP but it seems it is usually started later in the game. Is there any danger starting it early? We don't want to interfere with recovery by over-medicating.

    2- Is the feeling he has in the lower parts of his body (pressure, coarse touch on feet, knee caps, rear end) a reason to hope or not really?

    Basically, we are interested in what anybody has to say that might make us feel a weensy teeny bit better because, as you know, this is a pretty tough lick. Thanks.

    At 2 months post it is way too early to say he's done. The fact that he's shown recovery so far bodes well for future recovery. Only time will tell how much, but its encouraging. He needs to work hard in Rehab and work on any recovery he gets. When a muscle wakes up, its going to be weak and will take time to build it back up. I would argue that his injury is not complete, sensation anywhere is indication otherwise, though the difinitive test is anal sensation (pinprick). Has he had an Asia test recently?
    He will learn to do a lot things for himself and for you as time passes. It will take some time to get used to the new life, but life goes on and he's showing good signs of improvement. The doctor suggesting 4AP is an ecouraging sign both for his recovery and for the forward thinking of the doctor. Do a search on this forum on 4AP to learn more.
    Glad you found us, sorrry you had to. Hang in there and come back for more questions. Where is he rehabing?


      high my friend, sorry you had to come to us under these conditions but, glad you found will find alot of info here, ask any question you want and i do mean any. your husband is a very lucky man, he is still probably in spinal shock and it is great he still has sensation. never give up hope, give it atleast 18 months to see why he is goona get back, did he go to rehab after he got out of the hospital? i went down may of 06 on my new roadster, c6 c7 complete hear and i know how life shocking it is so feel free to ask questions or just vent anytime you need to. we are all here for each other. my wife is my sole caregiver, do you have help? or are you going it alone? my wife im sure will talk with you about any questions you might have about normal caregiving you may have also. im not up on 4-ap so i can't offer advise but you might try the search option on the left of the home page and see what you come up with. second question, yes there is reason to have high hopes, getting bach sensation is a good thing, like i said it is far too soon in this game to give up hope.
      wish you and yours luck. stay close, stay in love because your gonna need it but, you will pull through this together. Kenny


        Sorry that this accident had to bring you to such a wonderful place,but welcome.
        It's definately too early to guess the outcome, but I'd also have to say it doesn't sound as if he's complete. He sounds at the least,sensory incomplete.
        SCI is an emotional and physical rollercoaster. You have to face each day though, with a smile on your face and hope in your heart. Regardless of the circumstances or outcome, you must LIVE each day the best you can.
        This injury and all the greatness it gives will try to tear you both down . At times it will ,but tommorrow will be a new day.
        I hope you both continue to grow here and I wish you the best.


          no time line for post injury

          I am 3 years post injury, was completely paralyzed from the waist down with L-2 compression fracture and i am now walking with canes. NEVER give up hope!!! Also, South Carolina University has the absolute best research/therapy ever. If you can get into one of their programs, their awesome.
          Marc Buoniconti has been hurt for over 20 years, (he and his father began the Miami Project) and he has held onto hope to this day. I am still healing, so out with the 6 month/18month etc etc. Not true!!!!


            post injury

            Rehab, rehab, rehab. I can't say it enough.

            PT/exercise on land, in a pool, at home ...

            We are 10 months out and it has been the most difficult thing our family has ever faced. Stay strong and stay positive. Never give up hope and remember that even a miracle needs a hand sometimes. So, rehab, rehab, rehab.
            Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog!
            Get some hot water, get some iodine ...
            -- Lucy VanPelt


              I am a c6-7 and have had very similar "feelings" and sensation. I am apx 15 months post and have had a couple serious set backs since the injury. I get PT 3 times a week, and my wife assists with exercise and range of motion on the other days. I continue to improve almost daily. Anything your man gets back will help both of you for the rest of your lives. Be strong and supportive, and encourage him with every little improvement. God Bless. We are all here for you!
              Dave E. C6-7 Incomp. Quad 9-06